Board of Trustees

Trustees serve four-year terms. Their terms are staggered so that four trustees are elected in one general election year and three trustees are elected in the next general election year. Click here for bios.


 - Bradley S. Barker, III (elected 2014, term will expire 2018)

 - Bill Dubois, Board Vice Chairman (re-elected 2012, term will expire in 2016)

 - Don Erickson, Treasurer (elected 2012, term will expire in 2016)

 - Christine Lummis, Secretary (elected 2012, term will expire 2016)

 - Brenda Lyttle (re-elected in 2014, term will expire in 2018)

 - Carol Merrell (re-elected in 2014, term will expire in 2018)

 - Ed Mosher, Board Chairman (re-elected in 2012, term will expire 2016)

Representation on Foundation and Community College Boards and Board Committees

  • LCCC Foundation Board: Bill Dubois, Brenda Lyttle and Carol Merrell
  • Wyoming Association of Community College Trustees (WACCT): Ed Mosher and Don Erickson 
  • LCCC Finance and Facilities: Don Erickson and Carol Merrell
  • LCCC University/Student Center: Carol Merrell
  • LCCC Flex-Tech Building: Don Erickson
  • LCCC Performing and Fine Arts Planning: Bill Dubois and Brenda Lyttle
  • LCCC BOCHES Taskforce: Don Erickson and Ed Mosher
  • LCCC Accreditation: Bradley Barker, III and Ed Mosher
  • LCCC Physical Education Remodel: Don Erickson
  • LCCC President's Evaluation: Carol Merrell

Upcoming Board Meetings

Dates subject to change. Please see agendas for times and locations.

  • Sept. 21
  • Oct. 19 - Meeting will be held in Laramie. Location TBD
  • Nov. 16
  • Dec. 7