Placement Test Information

Math Placement Testing: ALEKS 

The ALEKS Math Placement test recognizes that students may have been away from math prior to coming on campus, and is designed to provide an opportunity for you to relearn topics you may have forgotten prior to being placed into your math courses.

You will first take a practice test. Based on your practice test, a personalized review is built for you. This review will help you to brush up on your math skills, so you are ready to take the placement test.

More detailed instructions for ALEKS are located within EaglesEye. You must be a fully admitted LCCC student with EaglesEye access in order to be able to test. Click here for information about how to apply to LCCC.

English Placement Testing: McCann

The McCann test consists of a reading portion and a written essay. The reading test has 30 multiple-choice questions. The computer assigns a general topic for the essay. There is no requirement for at-home preparation prior to the McCann test.

Where/How To Test

Placement testing is available at any LCCC location: the Cheyenne campus, the Laramie campus ("ACC"), the Eastern Laramie County Outreach Center in Pine Bluffs, WY or the F.E. Warren Air Force Base (WAFB) Outreach Center.

Although there is no time limit, students should allow at least two hours to take both the ALEKS and McCann in the same day.

  • Click here to see the schedule for the Testing Center on the Cheyenne campus.
  • Click here to see the schedule for the Test & Exam Center on the Laramie campus.
  • To make arrangements for testing at the WAFB Outreach Center, call 307.773.2113. (This option only for students who already have access to WAFB.)
  • To make arrangements for testing at the Eastern Laramie County Outreach Center, call 307.432.1678.
  • Distance students should contact to make alternative arrangements.