Meet Our Ambassadors


Jesus Delgado
    Jesus Delgado
    Douglas, Wyoming
    Major: Exercise Science, Physical Therapy
    Favorite place on campus: "My dorm room and the lobby in the dorms." 
    "The best part about being an Ambassador is giving tours, working the
    Welcome Desk and helping people."
      Kayla Fisk, info coming soon!
Aaron Kreuzer
    Aaron Kreuzer
    Hillsdale, Wyoming
    Major: Computer Information Systems
    Favorite place on campus:  "The Coffee Shop." 
    "The best part about being an Ambassador is giving campus tours."
Lindsey Paschke
    Lindsey Paschke
    Rawlins, Wyoming
    Major: General Studies/Psychology 
    Favorite place on campus:  "Alli McCown's Office." 
    "I chose LCCC because of the location and my family is still close.
    Also the community feel." 
Marissa Segovia
    Marissa Segovia
    Cheyenne, Wyoming
    Major: Psychology 
    Favorite place on campus: "The Welcome Center."
    "The best part about being an ambassador is working with the most awesome
    people in the world, meeting new students, and helping current students."
Sara Smith
    Sara Smith
    Cheyenne, WY
    Major: Elementary Education
    Favorite place on campus: "The Campus Living and Learning Office because
    that's where all my friends are."
    "I chose LCCC because I wanted to be close to home.  Also, I knew it was
    going to be a great transition from high school without being too
Wednesday Storm
    Wednesday Storm
    Portland, Oregon
    Major: Nursing
    Favorite place on campus: "My couch in my dorm room."
    "I chose LCCC because my dad went to LCCC!"
Connagher Stumpft
    Connagher Stumpft
    New Castle, Wyoming
    Major: Criminal Justice and Psychology
    Favorite place on campus:  "The Theater."
    "The best part about  being an Ambassador is the livelihood of the
    Welcome Center."