Roles & Responsibilities

The goal of the LCCC Golden Eagle Spirit Squad is to perform to the best of our ability, lead the crowd in a positive manner, be an outstanding citizen, raise school spirit at LCCC and in the community and be a student first!

Spirit squad stuntAcademics:
You are required to earn a certain GPA (2.0 minimum)! If you are unable to do so you will not earn your scholarship. You are a student first! I will do grade checks periodically. It is your responsibility to have your teachers fill the forms out and hand them in. You are also required to attend study hours every week, don’t forget to sign in. I will be collecting the hours to ensure you made the required time! Study hours are based on the previous semester GPA. Incoming freshmen will have the same amount of hours their first semester.

Attendance is mandatory! Without you we are unable to perform or practice to our full ability. As a team, we all depend on each other to be here, healthy and ready to practice.

If for some reason you need to miss practice you must contact your coach PRIOR to practice. Depending on the reason, this could still result in an unexcused absence. In the case of an emergency, please notify me as soon as possible. Remember, excused absences are determined by the coach! Several absences in a short period of time (especially due to illness or vacation) can result in sitting out of upcoming games/performances! The result of unexcused absences will be termination from the team.

Attendance at games and performances (such as dinners and banquets) are also mandatory. An unexcused absence from a game will result in termination from the team. If injury, academics, or disciplinary problems prevents you from participating/cheering, you are still required to be present, dressed out, and seated with the coach for the entirety of the game to cheer on your team.

Outside Jobs:
Many students have to work during the season, and I completely understand that. However, an outside job WILL NOT interfere with any cheerleading function. You may not miss a practice, come late to a game, or miss community events because you have to work. You are getting paid for being on the team, and this “job” will come first. If you are unable to balance school, cheerleading, and a job, you must take a look at your priorities.

Community Service/Game Help:
If you are signed up or have committed to working an event, you must show up on time and stay for the duration you have agreed to. Failure to do so will result in being benched and eventually termination. All LCCC athletes are required to do 20 hours of community service. Failure to complete those hours will lead to you no longer being eligible for the scholarship.

Practice will be held at times determined by the team. Athletes on behavioral probation/ineligible are still required to participate in practice but are unable to perform at games!

Practice Guidelines:
· Athletes should be to practice 10 minutes before start time!
· Tardiness to practice will result in conditioning at the end of practice.
· Cell phones will be turned off!
· For safety reasons, there will not be excessive socializing especially during instruction and stunt time.
· A positive attitude is expected. Leave the dirt at the door!
· Cheerleaders are required to wear appropriate practice clothing. This includes shorts (that cover the cheeks), shirt, sports bra (female), briefs (female), deodorant, and team shoes.
· Cheerleaders must have hair up and out of the face, and all jewelry removed prior to practice beginning.

Whether practicing or performing, safety is our number one concern. We will use mats regularly during practice along with other safety precautions. It is a national rule that participants only stunt in the presence of the coach. If there is not a coach, all feet must remain on the ground

Please understand that this is a very active sport! Injury is always a possibility no matter what measures we take to learn in a safe environment. To keep injuries to a minimum it is imperative that athletes follow instructions as well as participate in an exercise regimen at home and stretch on a regular basis. This is very important on weekends and holiday breaks.

Nationally mandated rules demand that cheerleaders have short finger nails that do not protrude from the nail bed, wear absolutely no jewelry unless it is for medical or religious needs, and no face or body glitter! These are for the safety of everyone around and will be strictly enforced. Constant reminders will have consequences!

Athletes will be required to show up one hour before a game! They must be in full uniform, hair and makeup done (female), cheer shoes on, and jewelry out. Coming unprepared will result in tardiness until the above is met. We will use this time for game planning and warming up.

There will be no socializing among the team or with the crowd during a game. It is important to pay attention to the game and the officials at all times!

Cheerleaders are the faces of the school and the leaders of the students within. People around the community know and recognize you and associate you with LCCC Cheerleading. Cheerleaders need to be presentable and act in a respectable manner in and away from school.

Drugs and Alcohol:
As athletes and role models in this community, I take this seriously. There will be a zero tolerance policy and any proven illegal use will result in immediate termination. Also, evidence of cheerleaders being present at “parties” (pictures on facebook, comments in blogs), will have consequences.

If funds are available we will attend a team camp in our region. Camp will be mandatory, so you must be available that week. Dates for camp will be announced as soon as possible.

Summer Practice:
There will be a week or two during the summer that we will get together as a team to prepare for the season. Arrangements will be made to accommodate everyone. Dates and times are TBA.

Uniforms will be distributed at the beginning of the year and collected after the season. These remain the property of LCCC. The uniform that is issued is the one you are responsible for. There will be no altering of any uniform unless permission is given by the coach. Please do not swap uniforms with other team members without notifying the coach, remember you are responsible for the one you were given. Uniforms must be returned clean and in good condition. If failure to do so, the cost of ordering a new uniform will be your responsibility!

These uniforms are not to be loaned out to others who are not members of the team, same goes for warm ups and practice clothes. We cannot be responsible for what others do while wearing an item that represents the LCCC Spirit Squad.

Rules and Regulations are subject to change as the coach deems necessary over the course of the season. If there are changes to be made all participants will be notified.