Visiting Team Information

The Sports Medicine staff at Laramie County Community College welcomes visiting team to their competition against the Golden Eagles. We hope to make your stay in Cheyenne as pleasant as possible.


The Sports Medicine Center is located inside the Physical Education (PE) Building, Room 118. The P.E. Building is the tall building at the west end of campus directly behind the soccer fields. The Sports Medicine Center and staff will be available during training room hours, two hours before any scheduled competition. If you need additional access to the athletic training room please make arrangements by contacting the head athletic trainer. If your team is traveling without an athletic trainer and specific treatment is required, please contact us prior to your team’s arrival.


You are responsible for your own supplies, with the following exceptions. We provide the following modalities: ice, hydrocollator packs, ultrasound, muscle stimulation and whirlpools. For events, we also supply ice bags, ice water, cups, bench towels (basketball and volleyball only). AED, crutches, vacuum splints, spine board, and biohazard equipment are also available if needed. We do not supply towels for showering.

Emergency and Medical Facility Information

A certified athletic trainer is present at all competitions, and a team physician is either in attendance or on call for further assistance. Local emergency and medical facilities are listed below, numbered to correspond with the map.

  1. LCCC Security: 307.630.0645, 1400 E. College Drive. For emergencies, dial 9-911 from a campus phone.
  2. Cheyenne Regional Medical Center: 307.634.2273, 214 E. 23rd St.
  3. College Drive Urgent Care: 307.637.2800, 4136 Laramie St.
  4. Health Reach Walk-In Clinic: 307.635.3500, 2030 Bluegrass Circle