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LCCC announces summer honor roll, graduates

Tuesday, August 11, 2009
A number of students have distinguished themselves with president's and vice president's honor roll accolades, and 36 students have graduated from LCCC in the summer semester
Laramie County Community College is proud to announce those students earning a place on the president’s and vice president’s honor rolls for the summer semester of the 2009 academic school year. Students earning president’s honor roll recognition must have earned a cumulative 4.0 grade point average, and students on the vice president’s honor roll must have earned a cumulative grade point average between 3.5 and 3.99.

Thirty-six students also earned their associate degrees or certificates of completion. Those graduates are also recognized below.

Some students may have signed a non-disclosure request with the college to have their names omitted from these lists.

President’s honor roll

Idaho Falls — Devon Barnhart

Cheyenne — Cheryl Anderson, Noel Binns, Elizabeth Bowles, Maximus Brandel, Anthony Brausch, James Chubb, Andrew Draper, Samantha Force, Joshua Herr, Jo Hockley, Wanda Manley, Zane Newsom, Michael O'Toole, Michael Phelps, Cynthia Pomroy, Christopher Robinson, Rodney Southworth, Latashia Swinton, Karen Volk, Jennifer Wehde, Caleb Wilkins, Shana Wolff
Guernsey — Nathan Martinez
Laramie — Melissa Dozier, Richard Greene, Bo Honea, Kimberly Hull, Lillian Juntunen, Anthony Schaneman, Jacee Snook, Corissa Spackman, Kallie Speiser, Tammy Sullivan
Pine Bluffs — Patricia Bacon

Vice President’s Honor Roll
Aurora — Timothy Lundgren
Bennett — Nichole Andrus
Fort Collins — Erin Mischke
Wellington — Benjamin Britton

— Tiffany Razo
North Platte — Kyle Schmitz
Sidney — Ben Thomas

— Kerry Andrews, Randy Beck, Angela Bohr, Whitney Christensen, Kendall Clement, Michelle Davis, Danielle Day, Christopher Deaver, Hope Fischer, Susan Hall, Debra Hedges, Cheryl Hite, Karen Kahle, Lisa Lindsey, Tracy Martin, Margarita McKeown, Morgan Miller, Meaghan Mullee, Justin Ockinga, Andrea Piper, Kristen Ramey, Jessica Ramsey, Jonathan Ravana, Janice Riley, Ashley Rizzuto, Nickelle Rusk, Brenda Sanchez, Jera Schlotthauer, Joseph Shafer, Shannon Squibb, Tommi VanRissegham, Monique Wentworth, Nicole Stalcup
Laramie — Anna Billings, John Czerwinski, Aisha Groose, Shaun Jones, Kelsey Lynch, Jennifer Martin, Salina Montoya, Bonnie Sambrooks, Angela Schneider, Kathleen Vick
Pine Bluffs — Kayla Bridges, Nicholas Johnson, Kilee Thompson, Casey Madrid

Associate Degrees
Students whose cumulative GPA is 3.75 or above graduated with high distinction (HD), and students whose cumulative GPA is 3.5 to 3.74 graduated with distinction (DS).

Associate of Art
— Meloney Hanks
Cheyenne — Cassandra Boyce, Kelsie Dunning, Jessica Harn, Kirsten Jewell (DS), Jessica Miranda
Laramie — Alexandra Cook, Aaron Green, Heather Hoskins, Ralph Lehtinen (HD), Jonathan York

Associate of Science
— Megan Bastian
Lander — Adam Raynor (HD)
Saratoga — Seth Rangitsch

Associate of Applied Science
Surgical Technology:
Kristen Babiarz

Fort Collins
Erin Mischke (HD)

Idaho Falls
Devon Barnhart (HD)

Gina Dennis, Tricia Dollenger (DS), Travis Farwell, Nicole Gauthier (HD), Jennifer Heiser (DS), Heather Huckfeldt (DS), Amanda Johnson (DS), Marlo Kisicki (HD), Sarah Maddox (DS), Randy Roberts (DS), Kristin Tafoya
Surgical Technology: Tracy Martin (HD), Jessica Przymus

Emergency Medical Services:
Clint O’Connor (HD)
Radiography: Amanda Mahoney
Surgical Technology: Salina Montoya

Pine Bluffs
Microsoft Networking:
Alan Matie

Certificates of Completion
Construction Technology:
Bo Honea, Adam Youman

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