Apply to the Program

Generally, applications become available in November with a February deadline for the class that begins in August. Applications become available in April with a September deadline for the class that begins in January.
If you believe that you have what it takes to be successful in the nursing program at Laramie County Community College, below is an outline of requirements that will be the next step for you in realizing your dream.
Please take a moment to read about the time commitment (Word doc) required to go to nursing school at LCCC.

Step 1

Apply for admission to LCCC prior to applying for the nursing program.

Step 2

Verify English and math competency. If you do not have college credit, take the placement tests in the Testing Center.

English Competency
You must place in ENGL 1010 – English I, or have an S in ENGL 1001 – Fundamentals of English, or have a minimum grade of “C” from a prior college-level English Composition course.
This does not mean that you have to have ENGL 1010 completed at the time of application, but if you place in a lower level English course, that course must be completed before you will be accepted to the Nursing Program.
If you have an equivalent English course with a minimum grade of “C” verified by college transcript, you do not need to take the English placement test.
You must successfully complete MATH 1400 - Precalculus Algebra or higher or be currently enrolled in MATH 1400 - Precalculus Algebra at the time you submit your application.  
The math course must be MATH 1400 - Precalculus Algebra or College Algebra or higher. Statistics, Theory of Arithmetic, or Clinical Calculations courses will not fulfill this requirement. If you do not have a math course which will meet this criterion, you must take the math placement test. This placement test only tells you the math course for which you should register.  

Step 3

Verify computer literacy skills. 

Step 4

Achieve a 70% or higher on the Kaplan test with a reading score of 73% on the same test. Contact the Testing Center for details. Appointments are required.
Note: The test may be taken a maximum of three times in a two-year time frame, but the test can be taken only twice during a semester, with at least a three-week interval between the tests. The score is acceptable for three years.  

Step 5

Be enrolled, have completed or verify transfer credit for A&P I or Human Anatomy for four credit hours with a minimum grade of “C”. If you take A&P I, you complete the sequence with A&P II. If you take Human Anatomy, you must complete the sequence with Human Physiology. Taking one course from each sequence will not fulfill the requirement.

Step 6

If you have been employed in the health care field, or have had patient-care contact through a health program, submit supporting documentation with the Nursing Application. 

Step 7

Download and complete the Nursing Program’s Application and submit it to the LCCC Nursing Department.

Step 8

Begin the immunization process. 
Hepatitis B Process: Receive the first Hepatitis B injection. One month later, receive the second Hepatitis B injection. Five months later, receive the third Hepatitis B injection. 
Rubella/Rubeola/Mumps Process: Verify two doses of the MMR vaccine or have the titers drawn. If immunity is not indicated by the titers, then you must either start the 2-dose series or have a booster and another MMR titer drawn in six weeks.
Varicella Process: Verify two doses of the varicella vaccine or have the titer drawn to verify immunity. Having had the Chicken Pox disease, does not mean you have immunity.
Note: If you have had two titers drawn for these immunizations and you are still not immune, then you are exempt from any further attempts to become immune. Please keep all copies of your immunizations for your records.
In addition to the above-listed titers, all students are required to obtain a yearly TB skin test, a current tetanus booster, and maintain current BLS Health Care Provider CPR certification through the American Heart Association, valid through May 31, 2015. Students may also be required to get an annual flu shot. Any student found out of compliance with these responsibilities will be sent home from clinical and may be dismissed from the program.