Material on this page reflects updated curriculum that does not appear in the current college catalog. The newest version of the catalog will be available online by March of each year. The college reserves the right to make changes in catalog information when necessary and to correct errors.

Associate of Applied Science

Prerequisites – All courses must be completed with a grade of C or better and must have a cumulative GPA of 2.0 or higher.
• Kaplan Entrance Test with a minimum score of 70% or higher with a reading score of 73% or higher on the same test
• ZOO 2010 – Anatomy and Physiology I (BIO 201 in Colorado)*
• MATH 1400 – PreCalculus Algebra or higher (Statistics does not qualify) (MAT 121 in Colorado)
• Demonstrated competency to enter ENGL 1010
*Students may also complete the eight-credit sequence with ZOO 2015 – Human Anatomy and ZOO 2025 – Human Physiology to fulfill this requirement. Taking one course from each sequence will not fulfill the requirement.

First Semester
NRST 1610 – Nursing I
NRST 1710 – Clinical Experience I
ZOO 2020 – Anatomy and Physiology II*(If you took ZOO 2015, then ZOO 2025 needs to be completed)
Social Science Elective*(Cultural Anthropology or General Psychology)

Second Semester
NRST 1620 – Nursing II
NRST 1720 – Clinical Experience II
HOEC 1140 – Nutrition*
Physical Education Activity*
ENGL 1010 – English I: Composition*

Third Semester
NRST 2630 – Nursing III
NRST 2730 – Clinical Experience III
MICR 2240 – Medical Microbiology
CO/M 1030 – Interpersonal Communication*-OR-
CO/M 1010 – Public Speaking*

Fourth Semester
NRST 2640 – Nursing IV
NRST 2740 – Clinical Experience IV
POLS 1000 – American and Wyoming Government*-OR-
HIST 1211 – U.S. to 1865*-OR-
HIST 1221 – U.S. from 1865*-OR-
HIST 1251 – Wyoming History*-OR-
ECON 1200 – Economics, Law, and Government*

*Indicates course may be taken before program admission. However, all courses must be completed before or during the semester progression as indicated.

Total credit hours required: 73-76