Advanced Placement

Become a registered nurse! 

This option is offered twice a year. The program is a classroom-based setting to complete the third and fourth semesters of the nursing program. You must be an LPN or have had two consecutive semesters of nursing school.

Applicants must be able to meet the essential functions of a nurse as found on the apply Web page

Advanced Placement Application

Background check information



(Classes must have been completed with a “C” or better and verified by college transcript.) 
  • English 1010 – 3 credit hours -- or equivalent course
  • Math 1400 – Pre-calculus Algebra or higher—a minimum of 3 credit hours
    Statistics and Theory of Arithmetic do not fulfill this requirement.
  • Computer – demonstrate computer literacy
  • Human Anatomy or A&P I – 4 credit hours with a lab
  • Human Physiology or A&P II – 4 credit hours with a lab
  • General Psychology – 3-4 credit hours OR Cultural Anthropology – 3 credit hours
  • Nutrition – 2 credit hours
  • PE Activity – 1 credit hour
  • Achieve an acceptable score on the LPN Step Test. Contact the Testing Center for details. 

3rd Semester

  • Nursing Theory and Clinical Experience courses
  • Interpersonal Communications OR Public Speaking – 3 credit hours
  • Medical Microbiology or Pathogenic Microbiology – 4 credit hours with a lab

4th Semester

  • Nursing Theory and Clinical Experience courses
  • American & WY Government OR U.S. History to 1865 OR U.S. History from 1865 OR Wyoming History or Econ 1200 – 3 credit hours