Associate of Arts

The Theatre Associate of Arts introduces students to the disciplines within theatre arts through practical, production-based work. Students complete comprehensive foundation theatre and humanities courses, preparing them for University theatre programs or a career in theatre arts.

Transfer Agreements with Four-Year Institutions: Program Articulation

LCCC has partnered with four-year institutions to articulate a way for students to transfer earned credits. These articulations are formal agreements between LCCC and the institution. These agreements match up coursework to make the transfer process smooth and to eliminate any duplication of courses. Any deviations from the prescribed course list will not articulate.

University of Wyoming - Signed Agreement

Cost of Attendance

For general college expense, students can view LCCC’s tuition and fees. Students in this program incur additional expenses. Their fees for program and course and costs for books and supplies will vary.

Laramie County Community College students during the play Everyman.
Laramie County Community College students during the play "Everyman." Michael Smith/LCCC