Wildlife Conservation and Management

This major leads to an Associate of Science degree and will transfer to most four-year college programs in wildlife conservation and management. Students planning a course of study are urged to check with prospective four-year schools for additional requirements and to work closely with an academic adviser. 

About the Career

FishIf you like hunting, fishing, hiking, camping or just being outdoors, or if you like working with living organisms and have thoughts of making a career of this passion, you should think about the Wildlife Conservation and Management major at Laramie County Community College.
Wildlife includes all non-domesticated organisms including plants, animals and fungi, and also may include the interaction of wildlife with domesticated organisms and humans. This major is for anyone who has an interest in working with, conserving, managing or using wildlife.

Program Advantages

  • Credits transfer to University of Wyoming (and most other wildlife programs).
  • Prepares students for further studies in four-year programs (e.g. conservation, wildlife, zoology, etc.).
  • Provides career-building opportunities in wildlife.Mushrooms
      • Join the Range and Wildlife Club
      • Be a member of the Plant ID Team
      • Participate in scientific research in Wyoming and abroad
      • Publish research findings
      • Travel to scientific and technical meetings
    • Make professional contacts
    • Land internships with Wyoming Game and Fish Department

Career Opportunities

This major is designed to put you on the path to careers in:

Wildlife Conservation and Management
  • Wildlife Administrationflying geese
  • Wildlife Biology
  • Wildlife Management
  • Wildlife Damage Management
  • GIS Specialist
Natural Resource Management
  • Land reclamation
  • Rangeland Management
  • Forestry
  • Various aspects of soil and water sciences
Wildlife Policy and Law
  • Environmental Law
  • Wildlife Law Enforcement
  • Wildlife Inspector
  • Forensics
  • Wildlife Policy Analyst

Wildlife Education

  • Communications and PR Specialist
  • Wildlife Educators
  • Outreach Specialists
  • Natural History Collections and Museums
    Zoos and Aquaria
  • Nature Centers
Veterinary and Medical
  • Wildlife Rehabilitation
  • Parasitology
  • Medical Entomology

Private Sector

  • Wildlife Consulting
  • Game and Hunting Preserve Management
  • Hunting and Fishing Guiding
  • Wildlife Guiding
  • Wildlife Tourism