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 About Us

The operational team of the Laramie County Community College CARE team includes:

  • Dean of Campus Living and Learning (Chair)
  • Director of Residential Living and Judicial Affairs (Vice Chair)
  • Director of Campus Safety and Security
  • Director of Counseling and Campus Wellness
  • Director of Disability Support Services
  • Student Code of Conduct Officer
  • Faculty Representative
  • Director of Albany County Campus


  • Provide education, consultation, support and follow up to faculty, staff, administration, and students in order to assist individuals who present concerning or disruptive behaviors
  • Gather information in order to assess situations involving individuals who present concerning or disruptive behavior
  • Recommend appropriate prevention, intervention and response strategies
  • Connect individuals with needed campus and community resources to meet their educational and/or professional goals
  • Be aware of ongoing behaviors of individuals who have been referred to issues of concern and intercede as appropriate
  • Expect confidentiality at all times. Assure that clear protocols and procedures are in place. Provide ongoing education and training for the LCCC community.