Private Donor Scholarships

There are more than 250 different donor scholarships available at Laramie County Community College. Provided by generous individuals and organizations in our community, these scholarships give nearly every type of student the chance to receive extra money for college.


The application process varies depending on the scholarship for which you are applying. Most require that you complete the appropriate year's LCCC Donor Scholarship Application. Some require a separate application and/or additional documentation. Visit the STARs Web page to learn more about the scholarships and additional documentation that's needed. 
Unless otherwise indicated, completed scholarship applications are due by April 1 for the following academic year.


Scholarships are vital to fulfilling LCCC’s mission. They give faculty a recruitment tool to attract the best and brightest; they make education affordable for students; and they show prospective students we want them. A scholarship sends the message that students are college material and that we believe in their ability to succeed! 

You can establish a named scholarship or program fund in any academic area. Some of the highest priorities include:

  • Academic merit scholarships
  • Need-based tuition grants
  • Book grants