Graduation Information

Graduation Application Deadlines

  • Summer 2015: June 1, 2015

Application Process 

To graduate from LCCC, students will need to complete the following steps: 
  1. Complete a Graduation Application form.
  2. Have their adviser complete a graduation audit. A student's adviser will need to fill out and sign the Graduation Application form and a Program Evaluation form (available on EaglesEye on the Student tab. Select Program Evaluation on the left-hand side under the Academic Planning option).
  3. Complete the Graduation Exit Assessment (see more info below) in the Exam Lab.
  4. Return signed forms to Student Records (SS 134) along with a graduation fee of $20.

Graduation Exit Assessment

The Graduation Exit Assessment (GEA) is one step in a student's graduation application process. The GEA measures LCCC’s instructional effectiveness. In other words, did a student receive the best possible education at LCCC? The data collected allows LCCC to assess and measure how well its curriculum design and instruction were delivered.
When completing the Graduation Exit Assessment students need to:
  • Bring a picture ID (LCCC ID, driver license, military ID, or passport).
  • Bring their adviser-signed graduation application and program evaluation forms.
  • Plan on 90 minutes to complete the assessment.