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Mike Kitchin Photo
Mike Kitchin
Office Assistant
Email Address: mkitchin@lccc.wy.edu
Phone Number: 307.772.4276

One thing that draws me to ACC is the employees and faculty. They are easy to approach.

Working with the students is really fun. We are always facing challenges with each and every student. It’s also really cool to work with a diverse group of students, especially students from UW, and learning how we compare.

The size of ACC is still perfect enough that every employee recognizes the majority of the students. Everyone has time to meet with them one-on-one if they need to. The skills of the faculty are incredible because they are so multi-faceted. At UW, if I have to take care of something, I have to go across campus. It’s a one-stop shop here.

Campus activities: Co-advisor for Across Cultures Club

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