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Adelante, the Center for Getting Ahead

FREE career training for qualified* parents. The first step to building a better life for you ... and your family.

Adelante is funded through a grant from the Wyoming Department of Workforce Services.

Trainings & Dates

Adelante will announce more training classes and dates shortly. Classes are expected to start in October. For more information, contact Christie Goertel at 307.432.1681 or Maria Gomez at 307.778.4331.  

Information Sessions

The admissions process begins with an information session, which is open to the public. Man and childAt the information session, parents will learn more details about the program offerings, specific schedules, admissions processes and anything else they have questions about. LCCC encourages anyone in the community (including partners) to attend.
Information sessions will start back up in October. Check back regularly for additional information.
"When I was accepted into this program I knew it would take work and dedication. As with everyone else in this program, we all have children. Scheduling, time and finances can all be significant factors when making this decision. But I knew that for only a few months’ time, I would be completely changing the outlook of my children and myself. I would not be struggling on minimum wage working at a dead-end job with no benefits. As a mother to three autistic children with additional medical needs, I knew that this was my opportunity to give my children the life they deserve.

"Just days before my classes started I received a devastating cancer diagnoses and was informed I would need major surgery. I did not let this stand in my way. With the support of this program, the staff and loved ones, I was able to complete the Pharmacy Technician course and the Professionalism course with a future in my grasp. The professionalism course taught me so much, and assisted me in becoming the employee everybody looks for. It taught me how to take the introverted person that I am and put myself out there. I learned how to appropriately apply for a position, prepare everything from a resume and portfolio to my attire, so that I have an amazing interview and represent the best me. I fully credit all aspects of this program to why I now have job offers and a choice of where I want to start my new career and life. I could not thank Adelante enough for the future they have given my children and me."
–Nicole Little, Adelante graduate
*Adelante participants must be parents of dependent children and earn less than 185 percent of the Federal Poverty Guidelines.
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