Creating formal processes and plans to address the challenges identified, include rapidly changing workforce demands, barriers to college completion, and college and career readiness are crucial. Every campus team member must clearly understand his or her significant role that supports student success and completion, be empowered to perform that role, and be willing to stand accountable for executing that role. 

As an organization centered on the highest quality service to its students and their communities, LCCC, must hold itself accountable for ensuring student and community success. 

By implementing reforms such as clearly defined educational pathways for students seeking careers, systems designed to better align educational programs to careers, educational programs that are aligned with business and community needs, practices for remedial students that are proven to have high impacts, student services that support students through every stage of their academic lives, and an entire campus community unified around a common vision, mission, and institutional goals, LCCC will move forward towards 21st century education best practices that support a 60 percent graduation rate by 2025.

About the College

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