Goal 4

A Physically Transformed College

Transform the College’s physical environment into a vibrant, and appealing place conducive to the engagement of students and community through campus renovations, additional facilities, and beautiful grounds.  


  • Finalize planning and secure funding to construct a new student services, university, and instructional building on the Cheyenne campus.View current status.
  • Finalize planning and secure funding to construct a new industrial technology building on the Cheyenne campus. View current status.
  • Initiate planning updates, form community advisory groups, and pursue avenues to fund and build a new LCCC Fine and Performing Arts building on the Cheyenne campus.
  • Continue the collaborative progress with UW in planning, securing funding and constructing a new Albany County Campus building on the UW campus.
  • Research and secure expanded options for student housing in Cheyenne to meet current and anticipated demands.
  • Plan, secure funding, and renovate the Ludden Library to embrace a new vision for this space and function – the Ludden Library and Learning Commons.
  • Expand and renovate recreational facilities on campus for students and community by seeking partnership opportunities with the proposed Cheyenne Rec Center. 
  • Modernize, expand, and update the College’s data and technology infrastructure.
  • Complete façade updates to existing concrete buildings to provide a more visually appealing, and current exterior feel. 
  • Expand hardscape and landscaping to the campus grounds, adding the infrastructure to water and maintain a more robust landscape, while understanding the limitations of our regional climate and the need to be resource conservation-minded. 
  • Improve interior and exterior signage on campus.
  • Finalize exterior campus lighting projects.
  • Building from current architectural plans, construct campus gateways to formally identify and provide engaging main entrances to the campus.