College Priorities

We are currently revising the college’s priorities. They will be posted as soon as they are finalized.

Employee Support

Maintain competitive salaries and benefits, recruit and hire quality employees, and support professional development as a high priority. 

Building a Collegiate Environment 

  • Build a student housing community that promotes learning and civic development and meets the needs of students.
  • Strengthen and enhance current performing arts programs.
  • Increase competitiveness of academic competition programs.
  • Enhance student academic support.
  • Revise curricula to allow students the flexibility of entering, leaving, and re-entering programs at multiple points, thus allowing students to accelerate their completion of programs and to create a “24/7” access to courses, programs, and campus resources. 


  • Redefine diversity into a broader context and implement recruitment strategies that increase the pool of qualified employees who will expand the diversity of the college.
  • Increase recruitment and retention of minority and first generation students.
  • Increase international student recruitment; enhance international student academic and social support systems and expand the credit English Speakers of Other Languages (ESOL) program.
  • Continue to promote diversity and educate students on diversity by developing multicultural opportunities. 


  • Inform school district students and their parents about college programs and actively recruit students into these programs with special emphasis on recruiting students into vocational programs.
  • Establish adequate private and institutional grants and governmental grant and loan availability to ensure access to all individuals who are dedicated and can benefit from the experience at LCCC.  

Partnerships With Our Community 

  • Establish partnerships with major private and public sector businesses in the region to assess educational needs of employers.
  • Establish and maintain contracts with businesses and public sector agencies to provide for employee development.
  • Anticipate the skill needs of employers through active partnerships with area businesses and economic development organizations.
  • Develop and establish new programs and enhance current programs that have sufficient need to merit establishment and enhancement.
  • Cooperate with the Laramie County Library System board to plan a state-of-the-art cooperative library on the LCCC campus and develop additional avenues of cooperation. 

Distance Education and the Electronic College 

  • Develop distance learning degrees to make transfer programs accessible to the distance learner.
  • Explore alternative distance learning methods to make vocational programs accessible when feasible.
  • Develop and broker online courses for short-term workforce training and enrichment classes.
  • Establish an electronic college community that provides access for on- and off-campus students to participate fully in college services and events. 

Higher Learning Center of the Rockies

  • Establish partnerships with the University of Wyoming and, when appropriate, other colleges and universities to offer bachelor’s and graduate degree programs to site-bound LCCC graduates.
  • Establish partnerships with colleges and universities to establish transfer agreements for vocational education graduates and to develop vocational baccalaureate programs to be offered at the proposed Higher Learning Center of the Rockies.