Institutional Learning Competencies

Laramie County Community College has established a blueprint for academic success based on four general education outcomes that are incorporated throughout the curriculum. All students are expected to attain proficiency in each of these areas as part of their academic program at the college. The outcomes are defined below and the criteria for assessing achievement is also provided.


  • Quantitative reasoning - Students’ ability to represent and interpret mathematical information and apply it to a task (scoring criteria)
  • Scientific reasoning - Students’ ability to observe, hypothesize, test, analyze, interpret and reflect on scientific phenomena (scoring criteria)
  • Problem solving - Students’ ability to analyze a task, apply tools, execute a plan and reflect on its effectiveness (scoring criteria)
  • Information literacy - Students’ ability to access, evaluate and synthesize appropriate resources for a project, and to use resources ethically (scoring criteria)

Effective Communication

  • Written communication - Students’ ability to effectively communicate in writing (scoring criteria)
  • Verbal communication - Students’ ability to effectively communicate verbally when giving presentations (scoring criteria)
  • Interpersonal Communication - Students’ ability to effectively communicate interpersonally in various situations to create meaning together (scoring criteria)


  • Students’ ability to foster teamwork, consider needs of partners and work toward a specific goal as part of a team (scoring criteria)

Human Culture

  • Cultural Awareness - Students’ ability to distinguish the complexity of cultural elements important to members of a culture (scoring criteria)
  • Aesthetic analysis - Students’ ability to analyze objective and subjective characteristics of art, music, performance art, literature, architecture, mass media, humanities and other forms of artistic expression (scoring criteria)