Center for Excellence in Teaching

The Center for Excellence in Teaching (CET) promotes a culture of exceptional education through the delivery of support throughout the LCCC community.

The CET communicates and collaborates with faculty and other stakeholders to identify and enhance student learning opportunities. Staff members assist with design and development of learning experiences that meet learning objectives identified by instructors. Learning experiences include assessments, learning resources, and learning activities and incorporate best practices in web-based multimedia and experiential activities. The CET can assist instructors with the tools and functions in the learning management system as well. 

Instructional Technology

Video Classroom and Lecture Capture – We can help instructors with recording presentations and lectures, video conferencing, and communicating using the YuJa Active Learning Platform.

Instructional Technology Loan Program – Our lab offers short-term loans of various devices, including camcorders, audio recorders, and Wacom tablets.