Monica Wilson

Instructor, Mathematics

Primary Phone: 307.778.1163

Office: Arp, Room 161

As far as she remembers, the first time she became interested in mathematics was in fourth grade when her teacher gave a chocolate bar to each student and started to explain fractions. She added and subtracted fractions of chocolate, and it was just such an elating experience. This was at a very small school up in the hills in Tucuman, Argentina, very close to Bolivia.

She has been a full-time mathematics instructor at LCCC, Cheyenne campus, since 2003. She has taught mathematics and statistics courses for Oregon State University, Pacific University in Oregon, DeVry Online University, South University Online, Art Institutes Online University, Rasmussen College, Ashford College and Lassen Community College in California.

Monica earned an associate of arts in accounting from Portland Community College and a bachelor of arts and master of arts in mathematics from Oregon State University. She also completed her doctorate coursework in mathematics and took several doctorate-level courses in education.

Monica was born in Argentina. Her mother is German. When she was very young she only spoke German, then Spanish and now English. She came to the U.S. when she was 17 years old.