Jeff Shmidl

Jeff Shmidl

Program Director, Business & Accounting

Primary Phone: 307.778.1343

Office: Business & Technology Building, Room 116

Degree Information:

  • Associate of Science in Business Administration, Casper College
  • Bachelor of Science in Finance, University of Wyoming
  • Master of Science in Finance, University of Wyoming
  • Master of Science in Economics, University of Wyoming

Professional Activities:

My goals as an educator are not just to provide a solid foundation in the subject matter that I am teaching, but also excellence in the classroom. I view excellence in the classroom, in part, as assisting students in recognizing the life-lessons taught in my courses. A student taking my class should be able to apply the learning opportunities to all aspects of their life and endeavors. My teaching philosophy is based on my goals as an educator and the importance of a solid education to the local and national economy. I always emphasize the importance of education to economic growth with my students. The reward of knowing that I contributed, not only to the success of many individuals, but also to the economic success of society, fuels my passions of a successful learning environment in my classroom.