Art Exhibition: Amy Vialpando - May 9-30

Artist Amy Vialpando's exhibit "Interconnected" will be on display in the LCCC Esther & John Clay Fine Arts Gallery from May 9-30. An artist reception will be held at noon on Wednesday, May 30.

The handmade paper work is inspired by her strong concern for the natural world and the way human activities interconnect with the many levels of environmental pollution. Vialpando feels it is her responsibility as an artist to be resourceful with materials that are readily available. Her love for trees and plants inspires her to recycle used paper. This style of work intends to influence awareness, respect, and a deeper connection between the growing human population and nature.

About the Artist: Amy Vialpando is a Mixed Media Visual Artist who currently lives and works in Loveland, Colorado. She grew up in Cheyenne, Wyoming and graduated with a BFA from the University of Wyoming in 1995. She works in an edgy, contemporary fluid style of drawing and painting on smooth canvas and on heavily textured pieces of paper that she makes by recycling used office paper and junk mail.

Much like sleep and dreams help the brain to rest and recharge, Vialpando has an expressionistic process of painting and drawing that subconsciously sifts through her daily thoughts, experiences, and emotions. The results are often in the form of lyrical, refined lines and curves, balanced color, and sometimes, familiar images. This style of work represents the interconnection between physical, emotional, and spiritual health.