Mental Check for Success - Apr. 28

Join us for the Mental Check for Success Webinar from 7:30 - 9 p.m. on Apr. 28 on the Flech Executives Facebook page using Facebook Live. What is mental health and how does it affect your success? Join in and ask the professionals with Flech Executives first webinar series.

It will be starring our amazing mental health professionals Octavia Emevoli Gallon, LPC and Dr. Lakeisha Walker. Our host will be none other than the amazing Brytani Renee' Bradley.

Live on FB @Flechexecs

Episode 1: Self Assessment and Buddy Check

Flech Executives are looking forward to creating a lasting relationship with the community of Cheyenne and surrounding areas, and we believe that relationship begins with establishing a relationship with community colleges.

The mission of our organization is to provide coaching and mentorship to young adults who strive to improve marginalized groups. Our focus is to develop a culture within our organization that promotes our core values: Live, Learn, and Teach. The goal of our mental health webinar is to allow our professional coaches to teach the importance mental health awareness for everyone who strives to become successful. They will also discuss different tactics, tools, and tips to care for yourself as well as others who seek success. Each episode will be published live on Facebook.