Cheyenne campus gets defibrillators

In addition to all the new students arriving soon, Laramie County Community College will have something else new on campus, something to help save lives: the addition of 10 AEDs, which are automated external defibrillators to help restore normal heart rhythm during cardiac arrest. 

Previously, LCCC only had units in patrol cars and the Physical Education Building. The new AED units are located throughout the Cheyenne campus.

James Crosby, LCCC’s campus safety director, is quite pleased by the administration’s commitment to expand the number of AED units. “This will greatly enhance the environment for the campus community and for visitors as well.”

LCCC will offer several training sessions for staff and faculty beginning this month and continuing throughout the school year. Additionally, the college has budgeted to purchase two more units in the coming year.

Crosby noted that the American Heart Association recommends defibrillation within five minutes or less of collapse. Unfortunately, it often takes emergency medical services teams, on average, six to twelve minutes to arrive. That time can be reduced if an AED is on-site and can be brought to the victim quickly.

“Time to the first defibrillation shock is the most critical factor in determining survival rates for sudden cardiac arrest,” Crosby said. “With every minute that goes by, survival rates drop up to 10 percent. That leaves a window of 10 minutes in which to potentially save a life.”