Accelerated/Alternate Delivery Program

We will no longer be accepting applications for the AAD Surgical Technology Program beginning Apr. 1, 2021. This option is no longer offered by LCCC.

Surgical Technology AAD Program

The Accelerated/Alternate Delivery Program (AAD Program) takes into account the previous education and experience a student has, for example, a student who has on-the-job training as a surgical technician or is a graduate from a surgical technology program that didn't hold CAAHEP accreditation during enrollment.

Alternate delivery of the program is provided through online instruction and portfolio development. A proficiency test option for some of the courses will be available.

Goal: To provide formal education to on-the-job trained surgical technicians and establish eligibility for the national certification exam. 

Surgical Technology Core Courses

Prerequisite Courses
COLS 1000 – Introduction to College Success: First-Year Seminar
CO/M 2010 – Public Speaking (*Choose from approved Communications course)
*Choose from approved U.S. Wyoming Constitution Courses
ENGL 1010 – English I: Composition
HLTK 1200 - Medical Terminology
HLTK 2510 – Pathophysiology
MATH 1010 – Problem Solving (or higher)
MICR 2240 – Medical Microbiology
ZOO 2015 – Human Anatomy
ZOO 2025 – Human Physiology

Fall Semester
SURG 1600 – Introduction to Surgical Technology **
SURG 1610 – Surgical Technology Theory **
SURG 1620 – Surgical Technology Skills Lab I (not required)
SURG 1685 – Surgical Pharmacology
HLTK 2300 – Health Care Ethics **

Spring Semester
SURG 1630 – Surgical Technology Skills Lab II (not required)
SURG 1750 – Surgical Procedures I (first 8 weeks)
SURG 2750 – Surgical Procedures II (second 8 weeks)
SURG 1850 – Surgical Technology Clinical I (not required)
SURG 2810 – Surgical Technology Clinical Synthesis I

Summer Semester

SURG 2850 – Surgical Technology Clinical II (not required)
SURG 2895 – Surgical Technology Clinical Synthesis II
**These courses are being considered for proficiency testing. Students must pass with an 80 percent or above to receive credit.

To complete the AAD program, students must earn the Associate of Applied Science of Surgical Technology degree.

Program outline:
  • A list of program courses can be found online
  • Program prerequisite courses are available through any Wyoming community college.
  • Program core SURG-prefix courses are delivered online in sequence beginning each August.
  • SURG-prefix lab and clinical course requirements are fulfilled by development of a portfolio documenting achievement of the course requirements.
  • All students must take the National Board Certifying examination as their final exam.


Application for the Accelerated/Alternate Delivery (AAD) Surgical Technology Program

(The AAD program is for applicants who are current surgical technicians.)

 Complete the ST Skills Checklist form. This form is to be verified and signed by the current employer.

Obtain two completed Reference Forms (attached); one from an employer/supervisor and one from a surgeon. These are to be returned to the program director under separate cover by the individual completing the form.

Reference letters can be addressed to:

Surgical Technology Program Director
Laramie County Community College
1400 East College Drive
Cheyenne, WY 82007

Documentation verifying clinical experiences for 120 cases in the first scrub role, for two of the last four years of experience. These cases must include a minimum of 30 cases in general surgery and 90 cases in various surgical specialties. Sixty of those cases must be in a minimum of four surgical specialties. The documentation must include your name, facility, date of procedure, surgical procedure and specialty designation (general surgery, various surgical specialties)

Successful applicants will be notified at least two weeks prior to the start of the semester of conditional acceptance. The acceptance letter will contain a list of additional items and due dates.
Conditionally accepted applicants are required to submit a pre-clinical urine drug screen and a criminal background check via American Data Bank. The drug screen and background check are completed at the student's expense. Students are advised that the inability to gain clinical education experiences can result in the inability to meet program objectives and outcomes. These circumstances may prevent final acceptance into and/or progression through the program, and may ultimately result in dismissal from the program. Please see HSW School Policy for more information.