College Council

The LCCC College Council is a representative, shared governance body designed to ensure the college is effectively and efficiently achieving the institution’s mission. The College Council facilitates this through timely, factual, and clear communication between constituent groups regarding major institutional decisions. It promotes transparent and respectful communications at all levels of the college community to ensure collaborative and committed decisions are made regarding the direction of the college. It will serve as a deliberating body to discuss college-wide issues, to make collaborative decisions, and to formulate recommendations to the president of the college.


There are 26 members on College Council. “Members selected from the Faculty Senate, Staff Senate (both Professional and Classified), and SGA will be chosen through an appropriate nomination and election mechanism determined by their respective group; each member from these groups will serve a two-year term, but may be selected to serve up to two consecutive terms for a maximum of four years. The terms will be staggered. Students are exempted from serving two-year terms as necessitated by their educational plans.“
– College Council Procedure 1.1.3P, 5.0 Procedures, A. Membership
Agendas, minutes, and resource documents are available on EaglesEye.