bachelor programs

Beginning in Fall 2020, LCCC will offer two bachelor degree programs:

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Applied Management Program

Are your sights set on managing a business? This program provides comprehensive business knowledge. Students in this program will learn about accounting, finance and operations as well as marketing, communication and project management.

This program is part of the Business & Accounting Pathway.

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Healthcare Administration Program

This program will provide a foundation in business skills and healthcare specific content to help graduates successfully navigate the unique challenges of management in the healthcare industry including accounting, resource management, laws and policies.

This program is part of the Health Sciences & Wellness Pathway.


Admissions for Bachelor Programs

These programs are designed for students who have completed an Associate of Applied Science (AAS) degree. They are intended for those who want a degree to further their current careers into administrative or managerial positions.

Each program has a separate application that prospective students must complete in addition to the standard LCCC application. Those interested in the bachelor programs should apply on or before July 15. Specific information about applying is available under each program.


Tuition for bachelor programs is the same as all programs at LCCC. View Tuition Information.

For Questions

Applied Management Program
Jeff Shmidl
Interim Program Director, Business & Finance
Business & Technology Building, Room 116
Healthcare Administration Program
Danielle Opp
Interim Program Director, Health Sciences
Health Science Building, Room 220