Online Learning

All online classes are now being taken through Desire2Learn, or D2L.
Laramie County Community College is a leader in online education. We offer flexible, convenient, quality-designed online courses, compressed video courses and hybrid courses. Or complete your educational goals entirely at a distance by earning an associate degree online. To take online courses at LCCC, you must first apply to the college.

Online Compatibility

A lot of factors can determine whether taking online classes are a good choice for you. Some of those factors include time management, computer skills and learning style. Please take a moment to take our surveys and find out if you and online classes are a good fit!  

Online Classes

Search for online classes. Enter the term and choose "Internet Sections" from the Location drop down box.

Online Degrees

LCCC offers several online degrees and certificates. Students can view the online programs by visiting the Academics page.


The online learning programs at LCCC reflect quality of teaching and learning and are accredited by the North Central Association Higher Learning Commission.

Online Fees

In addition to general tuition and fees, online students also pay $10 per credit hour in online course fees. Additionally, online students may have to pay for proctored exams, which vary in cost. Some instructors and programs require that all online students completing examinations and/or quizzes go to an approved proctored exam site (for example: another college, military education center, etc.). At these sites, students must show identification and be timed and observed while taking the examination/quiz. LCCC does not charge a fee for proctoring; however some colleges and other intuitions that serve as a proctoring site may charge a fee. Be sure to ask before you schedule an exam so that you will not be surprised when you arrive at the exam site.




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