Certified Public Manager

The Certified Public Manager program is designed to develop the critical skills demanded by leaders in public and nonprofit sectors within one state. Competencies addressed include: Leading People, Developing Self, Personal and Organizational Integrity, Systemic Integration, Managing Work and Change Leadership. The program, which is nationally recognized and respected, consists of eleven 3-day sessions during a 12-month period.

People who are interested in the program can download the Certified Public Manager brochure to view the 2016-2017 schedule.


Tuition for the program is $3,299. Apply online! A separate supervisor signature form (pdf) is required in addition to the online application.

The LCCC Certified Public Manager program is accredited by the National Certified Public Manager Consortium.

Frequently Asked Questions

The Wyoming Certified Public Manager (CPM) Program trains, prepares and strengthens leaders in government and nonprofit organizations to address the gamut of management and supervisory issues: interviewing, coaching, motivating, leading change, working with teams, addressing conflict, improving efficiency, solving problems, planning for the future and more. The program emphasizes applied skills using best practices over theory.

The program uses in classroom classes (24 days of training over 12 months), discussions and skill practices, capstone project, book reviews, assessments and leadership presentations. Each class is facilitated by a local subject matter expert with professional experience as a public manager, and training facilitation experience.

The cost of the program is $3,299, approximately $10 per instructor-led training hour. Organizations that send more than one person receive a discount.

CPM students complete capstone projects that directly benefit the sponsoring employer/organization. An independent study of the Florida CPM program found that a state agency documented an annual savings of $360,000 from just three CPM capstone projects alone (fcpm.fsu.edu). The majority of Wyoming CPM graduates stay with their sponsoring organization and most are promoted while in the program or soon after graduation.

Comprehensive: The Wyoming CPM program covers a wide range of leadership issues in a cohesive, application-based format, focusing on public and nonprofit leadership.

Accredited: The National CPM Consortium continuously monitors the quality of the program based on national CPM standards.

Nationally recognized: Wyoming joins 39 states in offering the CPM in an effort to professionalize the practice of public management and to improve the efficiency and services of government and nonprofit organizations. Graduates are conveyed the nationally recognized designation of "PM."

Specific to Wyoming: The program is based on national best practices, but also tailored to Wyoming issues.