STUDENTS: Message from Judy Hay, Vice President of Student Services

Dear LCCC Students,

You have gotten an email from me letting you know of a “course” you must complete before registering for spring 2015 classes in November that has to do with three important issues on college campuses nation-wide. Those issues are drug abuse, alcohol abuse, and sexual misconduct. The Campus Save Act, the Clery Act and recent Office of Civil Rights rulings have made it clear that all colleges and universities need to do a better job of educating their students about these issues and giving them some tools to deal with it more effectively, as well as ensuring colleges and universities improve our responses to the issues as they arise on our campuses.

Because we have not done a complete job of this in the past at LCCC, this fall we are requiring all of our students in credit-bearing classes to complete the course, while in the future, this will be required of all students new or transferring to the institution. We believe the program is important, and have spent time finding the highest quality program we could. The full course takes approximately two hours, though you can do it in small increments over the next two months and not all at once if you wish. All students (and employees) are important at LCCC, so we want all students and employees to be educated and share in the care of our whole community.

Thank you for taking the time to do the course,

Judy Hay 

Vice President for Student Services