Two LCCC riders win buckles at Shawn Dubie Memorial Rodeo

The Laramie County Community College rodeo team hosted its annual Shawn Dubie Memorial Rodeo this weekend, and a pair of Golden Eagles won their events.

 Chance Englebert
    Chance Englebert competes during the Shawn Dubie Memorial Rodeo in October.
    Photo by Ty Stockton. See more photos below.
 Kalane Anders
    Kalane Anders won steer wrestling during the Shawn Dubie Memorial Rodeo in October.
    Photo by Ty Stockton.
 CY Christensen

    CY Christensen was the only breakaway roper to catch a calf during the finals.
    Photo by Ty Stockton

Kalane Anders won steer wrestling with a combined time of 9.9 seconds on two. He tied for first and second in the long go with a 4.4 and took second in the short go with a 5.5, and he earned 165 points for his team.

Breakaway ropers Tawny Barry and CY Christensen ended the long go in first and second place, respectively. Barry caught her calf in 2.5 seconds, and Christensen nabbed hers in 2.6. But in the finals, Christensen was the only breakaway roper to catch a calf, and she did it in 5.7 seconds, giving her a total on two of 8.3 seconds and the breakaway roping buckle. She also earned 170 points for her efforts. Barry was second in breakaway, but she was not one of the designated team competitors, so her 110 points didn’t count for the women’s team. Barry slipped to second place overall.

Anders made the finals in tie-down roping, as well. He entered the short go tied for sixth through ninth place with an 11.2-second run in the long go, but he had a long 22.1-second run in the short go and ended up in ninth place but out of the money. His long-go time earned him another 2.5 points for the LCCC team.

Also representing LCCC in the short go in tie-down roping was Terrel Vineyard, who tied for 10th and 11th in the long go. Vineyard had a no time in the finals, and he finished 11th overall.

Team ropers Kelsey Knust and Reed Johnson earned another five points for LCCC, but only on the women’s team, as Knust was the only one of the pair on the designated team. She roped the head and Johnson caught the heels of their first steer in 8.5 seconds to tie for sixth and seventh in the long go. Unfortunately, they were unable to connect on their short-go steer. They finished seventh overall.

In the goat tying, Bailey Tibbs made it back for the finals with a 7.6-second run in the long go. Her 8.8 in the finals and the resulting 16.4-second combined time on two left her too long for money or points. She finished eighth overall in goat tying.

In the roughstock end of the arena, Chance Englebert entered the finals in sixth place with a 69-point ride on his first bareback bronc. He won the short go with a 78, giving him a total of 147 on two, but he ended up tied for third and fourth in the average. His high-scoring rides earned him 105 points toward the men’s team’s total.

Johnson snuck into the finals in saddle bronc with a 51-point ride on his first horse, but he didn’t make the whistle in the short go. He ended up in eighth place overall, but fell just short of earning points.

The only events LCCC riders didn’t qualify for the finals in were barrel racing and bull riding.

The men’s team remains in eighth place in the team standings, but it earned a total of 272.5 points, for a total of 912.5. The women’s team earned the most points they’ve tallied in any rodeo yet this year. They picked up 175 more points and climbed two spots in the standings. The women’s team is now in seventh place with 315.

The Shawn Dubie Memorial Rodeo was the last rodeo of the fall semester. The teams will now get a few months off before they kick off the spring schedule in March in Gillette.