Wyoming Community College Commission Approves Next Step for Proposed Bachelor of Applied Science Degree for CWC and LCCC

From Wyoming Association of Community College Trustees:

Gillette, WY, October 25, 2019– In its October 24, 2019 meeting, the Wyoming Community College Commission (WCCC) formally approved the proposed Bachelor of Applied Science degrees for Central Wyoming College (CWC) and Laramie Community College (LCCC). This is the sixth step of a rigorous seven-step approval process involving the respective college boards of trustees, the WCCC and the Higher Learning Commission, which is the entity that oversees and authorizes regional accreditation for the seven Wyoming community colleges.

CWC’s Bachelor of Applied Science is in Organizational Management and Leadership with options to emphasize Business Entrepreneurship or Tribal Leadership. The LCCC Bachelor of Applied Science is in Applied Management and Healthcare Administration. “Our tribal leadership option of the organizational management and leadership degree will provide much-needed leadership knowledge and workplace-ready skills for tribal members to support and advance tribal initiatives, including those focused on economic diversification. We are grateful to do our part in partnership with the Eastern Shoshone and Northern Arapaho tribes. Similarly, our Business & Entrepreneurship option will help people advance in their vocational careers to leadership and management positions or enable them to better start new businesses on their own. This should not only help them but should also be a boon for our local economies,” said Dr. Brad Tyndall, President of CWC.

Dr. Joe Schaffer also commented, “In Laramie County, and across Wyoming, we recognize the importance of helping more individuals access a path to a bachelor’s degree. It is critical for our current and future economic success. The Commission’s approval of our Applied Management and Healthcare Administration bachelor’s degrees is one very significant step forward for our community.”

Both colleges worked closely to survey area businesses and industry sectors regarding the knowledge, skills, and abilities needed in the workplace. Feedback was used to incorporate the course design and content of the programs. Businesses interested in assisting with internships provided input into the course content and desired program outcomes. College faculty and current and potential students were also surveyed to determine the level of interest in the programs, various pathways for students and flexibility of the offerings.

Further, Dr. Tyndall offered, “Today’s approval by the Community College Commission is historic. We as a State have embraced a new and exciting vision to transform our community colleges and vocational education to the baccalaureate level.”

The approval for the Bachelor of Applied Science degree began with legislative authorization in the 2019 session. The next step in the approval process for the colleges is a site visit from the Higher Learning Commission, expected later this year or early 2020.