LCCC announces naming of the Blue Federal Credit Union RAC

Laramie County Community College and Blue Federal Credit Union are excited to announce a new partnership, as the LCCC Board of Trustees approved the naming of the Blue Federal Credit Union Recreation & Athletics (RAC) Complex at its meeting on Nov. 16.

The partnership between the College and Blue is an opportunity for both organizations to reach even deeper into the community and support the work happening at both institutions. Blue joins other project partners to help move the RAC renovation and expansion forward, while also seeking opportunities to engage with students and continue making a positive impact on the Cheyenne community. To date Blue’s sponsorship is the largest private contribution to the project.

“As a community connector we couldn’t be more excited to work with Dr. Schaffer and LCCC in this new lifetime partnership,” said Stephanie Teubner, President and CEO of Blue Federal Credit Union. “As LCCC continues to improve and upgrade their campus, we look forward to helping their staff and students discover pathways to realize their possibilities.’

The mission and goals of the two organizations align in many ways. Blue’s mission is to discover pathways to realize possibilities, while LCCC works to connect students with Pathways to careers and education. Both organizations have had a presence in Cheyenne for more than 50 years and are designed to make a difference to the communities and populations they serve, in meaningful and impactful ways.

The new partnership will extend outside of the walls of the RAC and into the classroom as representatives of Blue look forward to making connections with students through guest presentations, internships and community engagement opportunities. LCCC is excited to recognize Blue as a project partner and looks forward to the growing opportunities for engagement on the LCCC campus and during athletic events.

“We are excited to grow and build our partnership with Blue,” said Dr. Joe Schaffer, President of LCCC. “There are so many ways our organizations align, such as our missions and institutional focus, who we serve, and that we both are working to improve individual lives and our community as a whole. This opportunity not only helps us make a physical improvement on our campus; it opens doors for us to create growth experiences for our students, employees and our service area.”

LCCC recently broke ground on the $25 million renovation and anticipates the project to be completed in Spring 2024.

LCCC and Blue will hold a joint press conference on 10 a.m. on Tuesday, Nov. 29 in the LCCC Student Lounge located in the College Community Center on the Cheyenne campus.

For more information on the RAC renovation and expansion visit lccc.wy.edu/RAC.