Equine Management program opens doors for students

Photo of a student riding a horse in the LCCC Arena.A new credit diploma in the Agriculture and Equine Pathway at Laramie County Community College will teach students to manage horses and fill unique roles in industries such as training, showing, breeding and more.

The Equine Management credit diploma was first offered to LCCC students in Fall 2022. The one-year program focuses on the management of equine facilities, which is critical to the success of businesses in areas such as horse boarding, training and recreation.

LCCC's equine program is hands-on, teaching students practical skills including equine health, care, reproduction and nutrition; business and management for the equine industry; and horse training and behavior.

“It’s set up to be very hands-on and industry needs-based,” said Morgan Pennington, LCCC Equine instructor and Equestrian Team coach. “They’re learning skills that include riding, handling and caring for horses, which they will need if they choose a career in the equine industry.” 

Pennington said she expects program graduates will fill jobs in areas such as training, barn management, reproduction and more. Some LCCC graduates are also likely to go on to earn more advanced degrees in the equine field.  

Safety is the number one concern for students, Pennington said. Whether that’s proper handling that prevents accidents or preventing the spread of infectious diseases, she said students need to learn a lot of important skills before entering the workforce. 

“If we can develop students that have the skills to keep animals and people safe and handle them correctly, they’re going to be a lot more likely to be chosen for these jobs than someone that doesn’t have hands-on experience,” Pennington said. 

Students in the program are prepared to take on an internship as part of their education. Currently, Pennington said she has students looking at internships in a thoroughbred breeding operation and performance horse training. 

Britney Iacovetto, a freshman in LCCC’s Equine Management program, said she’s always had a passion for horses. When she was deciding on where to go to college, the Steamboat Springs native said she was impressed with LCCC’s outstanding agricultural facilities. Since coming to LCCC, Iacovetto said she’s learned a lot and is excited about what the future holds. 

“It’s definitely opened a lot of doors for me,” she said. 

The program is not for everyone and requires hard work, Pennington said. But for those willing to put in the effort, Pennington said she’s confident graduates from the program will have the skills they need to pursue their dreams. 

“When you’re here, you’re ours,” she said. “I know my students by name and I work with them and their horses. I’m here to help them. It’s just a very tight-knit community.”  

Contact Morgan Pennington for more information about the Equine Management Credit Diploma program at mpenningtonFREELARAMIE or 307.778.1253.