2022 Teaching Excellence Award winners

LCCC’s student body has selected four nominees for the Teaching Excellence Award winners for 2022: Crystal Stratton, Danielle Adams, Sue Torney and Dr. Marie Yearling.

This award is made annually to a single faculty member from each of the four academic schools. Nominations are solicited across the student body and then anonymized for scoring by the Student Government senators. All nominations express how a particular instructor demonstrated excellence through teaching skills, class organization, student engagement and inspiring students.

The statements made about LCCC’s instructors throughout the nomination process speak to a faculty that is kind, dedicated to serving their students’ needs, professional in their actions, and genuinely committed to supporting the success of others. The quotes provided were extracted from the winning nominations.

School of Arts & Humanities | Crystal Stratton

“Crystal always makes a conscience effort to get students engaged in class activates and helps to build a tight knit community within the classroom. She gets to know each student’s story and is very empathic to everyone in the classroom. She is compassionate and caring, quick to respond with feedback on assignments, and to give constructive criticism that encourages students to complete their assignments with confidence. Crystal is extremely enthusiastic about teaching and radiates such a positive energy every time you are around her.

School of Business, Agriculture, & Technical Studies | Danielle Adams

“Her understanding for the accounting field is unbelievable. If you don't understand the material she goes out of her way to help you understand. I have seen her stay late with students, help outside of office hours and help on an individual basis. She is in class on time every day."

School of Health Science & Wellness | Sue Torney

“Sue goes above and beyond in teaching! Anything that you need help with or are having trouble with she is always there. Everything on Canvas is organized and easy to access. I am always able to find my assignments and when there is class over Zoom there is always a plan of what we are doing. Sue inspires me to do well, to become the best SLPA I can be. She motivates me, encourages me, and supports me."

School of Math & Sciences | Dr. Marie Yearling

"This class is honestly the most organized class I have taken at LCCC. Instead of just reading the textbook and attending the zooms there are other lecture/tutor videos available, videos simplified by the instructor to help students really grasp the concept. I have felt very inspired in this class because if we ever need help we can either discuss it in the zoom or we can set up a personal meeting with Marie and she is happy to walk us through what ever the issue may be. Marie has proven that she put in the time to help us and that inspires me to put in the time out of respect for this her."

Of the nominees for each school, Sue Torney was selected to receive the Teaching Excellence Award for 2022.