Students find success at Learning Commons

photo of Learning Commons tutor and student sitting at a table with books and talkingStudents at LCCC’s Ludden Library Learning Commons, with its free tutoring services, can find their own way to learn, with a little help. 

Kendra Tunnicliff tutors several subjects, with the most needed being college algebra, anatomy, physiology and general biology. Her approach always depends on the class a student is working on, but she said she explores different learning methods until they find the right one. 

“We’ll try things in sessions like flashcards, and if those work really well, I’ll encourage them to keep doing that,” Tunnicliff said. “If not flashcards, we’ll write and rewrite, or we’ll use pictures and visuals.”

The LCCC Learning Commons helps students become independent, active, confident learners through a range of high-quality tutoring services and academic success skills assistance. Tutors are trained to help students in many academic courses specifically, but they can also assist with learning things like good study habits and organizational skills, said Jenna Groendal, Learning Commons Director.

“We can help with more than, for example, solving a math problem,” she said. “They can come in and figure out a calendar for the semester, and we’ll set a plan to get them to the end.” 

Some students, Groendal said, are reluctant to seek out tutoring services for a variety of reasons. Nervousness over asking for help and the perceived stigma keeps some away, while others perhaps feel like it’s not their preferred use of time outside of class. But the return on investment for using the Learning Commons’ services is great, especially if it’s the difference between passing or failing a class, she said. 

The Learning Commons saw 624 completed appointments last semester, and Groendal would love to see more students taking advantage of the services. Many of those students who do complete appointments report to staff that they found the success they were looking for, Groendal said. 

Mary Mohatt, who tutors students in English and communication skills, said she keeps coming back to work at the Learning Commons because she loves working with college students, helping them overcome hurdles to successfully completing their education. She said she encourages students to come to the Learning Commons with whatever questions they might have about how to be more successful. 

“If we don’t have the answer, we will start doing the digging to find an answer for you,” Mohatt said. 

The Learning Commons is open six days a week, attached to the Ludden Library on LCCC’s Cheyenne campus. Appointments can be scheduled by emailing tutorsFREELARAMIE or calling 307-778-4315. In-person and online appointments are available. Walk-in tutoring is also available, as is asynchronous writing assistance (this option allows students to upload a paper to a trained writing consultant who will send comments and any relevant resources within 72 hours). Students can also try NetTutor, a free online service that offers tutoring in many subjects 24 hours per day, 365 days per year. Students can find Learning Commons hours, schedule appointments, access NetTutor and more at libguides.lccc.wy.edu/LearningCommons.