LCCC expands CDL Program to Laramie campus

Photo of a student using the CDL driving simulator with an instructor standing behind them.CHEYENNE, Wyoming – Laramie County Community College is excited to announce the expansion of its Commercial Driver License (CDL) program to its Laramie campus, strategically positioned 45 miles west of its Cheyenne campus. 

Students come to Cheyenne for the first day of training, including using the driving simulator. The remaining training, including on-the-road exercises, takes place in Laramie. 

Jerimiah Miller, a 41-year-old Laramie native, stands as one of the pioneering graduates to complete the CDL Program at the Laramie campus. Seeking a career change, Miller researched several regional CDL programs and found that LCCC’s surpassed others. Graduated and feeling ready for a career, Miller said that the program on LCCC’s Laramie campus went above and beyond his expectations.

“(Adjunct instructor) James Drudge was an awesome instructor with years and years of knowledge,” he said. “I’d say LCCC exceeded everything I expected.”

LCCC works with local industry leaders to identify transportation needs for Wyoming. This allows the college to tailor the training to the local community. The CDL Program has proactively incorporated federally-mandated training modules into its curriculum. All modules are available online.

The program consists of online theory training and behind-the-wheel (BTW) hands-on training.  The online portion is self-paced, but must be completed within 30 days. BTW training is 30-80 hours, depending on CDL type, which includes range, driving, backing and port of entry site visit.

LCCC's CDL students benefit from training on a state-of-the-art Genesis Navistar Series simulator, ensuring they are well-prepared to operate various types of vehicles. The simulation environment enables students to develop essential skills under diverse conditions, enhancing their physical, mental and behavioral readiness without the risk of real-world incidents. The curriculum, structured sequentially, offers timely feedback, motivating trainees to improve their performance progressively.

As part of the simulation experience, students have the opportunity to operate a range of vehicles, including large pickup trucks, city cabs, over-the-road tractors, buses and fire trucks. Moreover, they can pull various trailers through urban, suburban, highway and mountain scenarios.

To enhance networking opportunities, LCCC facilitates connections between students and industry professionals, providing valuable interactions with hiring managers from local companies.

The expansion of the CDL offerings to the Laramie campus reaffirms LCCC's dedication to providing accessible and industry-aligned education, addressing the evolving needs of Wyoming's workforce.

LCCC is committed to supporting students in their pursuit of CDL certification and offers limited financial aid opportunities through the Outreach & Workforce Development program. 

Contact Michael Geissler for more information at cdl@lccc.wy.edu or 307.432.1637.