Disability Support Services

Are you struggling in any of your classes? Did you have an IEP in high school? Have you been diagnosed with any medical, psychological or learning disability? Are you pregnant or breastfeeding? The Disability Support Services (DSS) office may be able to help you. The accommodation process is confidential and free to all LCCC students. 

Disability Support Services is available virtually, by phone, and in person by appointment only.

Social distancing and sanitation protocols will be enforced for in-person appointments. No additional individuals are allowed at in-person appointments, but DSS will accommodate parents, advocates and supports virtually or via phone. Sign Language interpreters have exception, with an appointment to allow scheduling of a larger space

For an appointment on the Cheyenne Campus, please contact Student Life Assistant Kyle Russell at 307.778.1223 or krussellFREELARAMIE for scheduling. 

You can also contact Cheyenne DSS staff at aclubbFREELARAMIE 307.778.1359 or kyarbroughFREELARAMIE 307.778.4385.

If you require accommodation at the Albany County Campus, please contact Kelly Humphrey at 307.772.4254 or khumphreyFREELARAMIE.

In compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act, Laramie County Community College does not discriminate against students with disabilities. Efforts are made to arrange effective, reasonable accommodations for any qualified individual.
The Disability Support Services (DSS) office at LCCC provides comprehensive, confidential services for LCCC students with documented disabilities. Services and adaptive equipment to reduce mobility, sensory, and perceptual concerns are available through the DSS, and all services are provided free of charge to LCCC students.

All LCCC syllabi include information for students with disabilities regarding how to contact Disability Support Services.

Please see the Documentation Guidelines and the DSS Student Handbook (pdf) for details on DSS, policies and procedures.