Institutional Research

Who We Are

The mission of the Institutional Research Office is to empower the college community and external stakeholders to use and understand data objectively, consistently and with integrity for planning and decision-making purposes.

The vision of the Laramie County Community College Institutional Research Office is to transform LCCC into an institution dedicated to continuous improvement through the power of evidence-based, collaborative decision making.

The Institutional Research Office values:

  • Practicing the ethical use of student and employee information.
  • Maintaining the ideal that student success is the end-goal of its research.
  • Providing educational opportunities to develop data literacy across the college.
  • Supporting robust decision-making processes based on research rather than anecdotes.
  • Delivering responsive, reliable, customer-friendly service.
  • Building collaboration across the college.

Tools We Provide

The Institutional Research Office gathers, analyzes, reports, and presents data for regular and ad hoc research requests to meet and exceed college-wide effectiveness and improvement goals.

The Institutional Research Office manages change and assessment strategies by designing and using data and assessment tools collaboratively with other college employees and stakeholders.

The Institutional Research Office professionally represents the college and maintains LCCC's good standing with external agencies at the federal, regional and state levels by participating in required and voluntary reports, surveys, conferences and other initiatives.

To request IRB approval at LCCC, please submit your request via email message to deickeFREELARAMIE.

The Institutional Research Office strives to make its research and data sources easily accessible. Many reports are available via the college's intranet as well as on the public website. Part of the office's mission is to promote the literate use of this information by providing training in a variety of formats throughout the college.

Additionally, the Institutional Research Office accesses many external data sources for data comparison purposes, setting benchmarks and improvement goals and other uses. Some of the office's more popular external resources include:

Integrated Postsecondary Education Data System (IPEDS) Data Center

National Community College Benchmarking Project (NCCBP)

U.S. Census Bureau: Explore Census Data

U.S. Department of Labor: O*Net Online

Center for Community College Student Engagement (CCSSE, SENSE, and CCFSSE)