Mission, Vision & Values

Mission Statement

The mission of Laramie County Community College is to transform our students’ lives through the power of inspired learning.

The campus community of Laramie County Community College (LCCC) is bound by a basic understanding that our students, regardless of how they arrive at LCCC, yearn for a better life by engaging in the process of higher education. We are compelled to aid this transformation by offering diverse educational experiences designed to be inspirational for all those involved in the learning process. While we recognize our work is diverse, the entirety of the work we do is grounded in the four foundational elements of the comprehensive community college mission:

  1. To prepare people to succeed academically in college-level learning (academic preparation)

  2. To engage our students in learning activities that will prepare and advance them through the pursuit of a baccalaureate degree (transfer preparation)

  3. To develop individuals to enter or advance in productive, life-fulfilling occupations and professions (workforce development)

  4. To enrich the communities we serve through activities that stimulate and sustain a healthy society and economy (community development)


The Big Goal

We aspire toward outstanding achievement in teaching and learning, degree completion, transfer success, workforce success, equity for all student populations, leadership and institutional culture. Our big goal is to be recognized for these levels of excellence as a finalist for the Aspen Prize for Community College Excellence on or before 2030. 

See https://highered.aspeninstitute.org/aspen-prize/ for more information.

Vision Statement

In the future we are no longer the best kept secret in the Rocky Mountain West. Our frontier mentality will not allow us to be encumbered by habits of old constructs. Rather, we are engineered to be nimble, driven towards innovation, striving to make the impossible, possible. Students and partners seek us because of what we do and what we offer. Our enrollment will reach record levels as a result of deeper engagement, an identifiably different student experience, and the value proposition of our programs and services. We will achieve equitable outcomes for all students, leading to good jobs and/or transfer with advance standing at our university partners. In turn, our region’s economy will be diversified in large part because of LCCC’s leadership. We intentionally catalyze change. 


Core Values

At LCCC, we believe our core values are inherent in the cultural fabric of the College and could not be extracted in any way. They define who we are and how we behave as a community. 

  • Authenticity: With purpose and without pretense, we are steadfast in our dedication to deliver on a promise, product, or service meeting the needs of individuals we serve.
  • Desire to Make a Difference: We engage in and pursue our goals for the opportunity to create better lives, better communities, and a better world for those who are here today and the generations that follow.
  • Passion: Our institution is wholly dedicated to engaging in our work, sharing our beliefs, and debating the merits of any course of action as we strive to transform our students’ lives through inspired learning.
  • Openness: We are committed to transparency through shared governance, where our best work fosters a culture of trust and respect as a college of choice.

Aspirational Values

We readily admit to a mismatch between our desire for these VALUES and their existence at the College. However, our strong aspiration for these values will shape the actions we take to ensure their universal presence at LCCC into the future.
  • Commitment to Quality: We are committed to promoting a culture of evidence that compels us to continuously strive for greater competence, productivity, and excellence in serving our students and community.
  • Inclusion: Leveraging the diversity of our talents, we engage in the practice of wide-ranging, open-minded discourse with civility and respect. Our work is objectively grounded in what is best for our community and the provision of equitable opportunity for all. 
  • Innovative Agility: We embrace the notion of adaptability, where our curiosity leads to forward-looking and unique actions. We are unencumbered by convention, endeavoring to discover improved ways of serving our students and community. We strive to make the impossible possible.