Physical Plant


The mission of the Physical Plant is to operate and maintain a high-quality physical environment to enhance student learning, faculty teaching and staff performance. The Physical Plant serves other non-academic departments and supports the college's service to the community and citizens of Laramie and Albany counties.



The Physical Plant is a service organization dedicated to the success and satisfaction of LCCC faculty, staff, students and campus visitors. Its responsibilities include maintenance, operation and improvement of buildings, grounds, vehicle maintenance, custodial care and mailroom services.

The staff members are the plant’s most valuable asset. Each individual is a team member who contributes to the decision-making process. The plant seeks creative and innovative solutions to meet its customers' needs. It sets high service standards, and rewards superior effort and results. The plant promotes the personal growth of its staff through education and training.

The plant’s goal is to provide reliable and timely service at a competitive cost. It uses proven technology to increase its capabilities. The plant solicits feedback to help determine the quality of its services. It also maintains a safe campus environment, and attempts to exceed governmental regulations. The plant staff conducts planning activities to achieve the most desirable future for its customers and organization.

Types of Services 

Handles repairs, maintenance, emergency service and minor construction for all classroom and academic buildings and their systems, and campus utility infrastructure.

Handles campus mail, package shipping and receiving, paper and forms distribution to campus offices, spent toner cartridge collection for recycling, warehouse inventory tracking.

Takes care of custodial care, carpet shampooing/extracting, trash removal, floor refinishing, furniture moving, set up efforts for various campus activities and pest control.

Maintains campus and fleet vehicles, ground equipment and fuel system management.

Handles landscaping and maintenance of grounds and outside facilities including snow removal during winter months.

Manages the facility maintenance work order system.

Manages motor pool vehicle scheduling.

Manages the college’s key distribution/retrieval process.

Manages campus facility planning and campus construction/maintenance projects.

Manages and coordinates campus space utilization.

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