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Common Questions about WyoTransfer.

WyoTransfer makes it easier for you to evaluate how the credits you’ve earned may transfer or apply toward an educational program at another school in Wyoming. Explore the courses, programs, and services offered at Wyoming’s seven community colleges and the university in Wyoming in one simple location.

What is WyoTransfer?

WyoTransfer is a tool to help you plan your transfer between community colleges and the university in Wyoming.

Keep your degree on track:

  • Automatically import the courses you've taken at Wyoming's seven community colleges and the University of Wyoming.
  • Search for courses, programs, course equivalencies, and transfer agreements for the courses you've already taken.
  • View comprehensive college profiles to learn more about the schools that interest you the most.

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WyoTransfer allows you to search for:

  • Courses – You have the options to search by school and course subject, prefix and number, title, or description.
  • Programs – Find the closest school for your degree program. You have the options to search by college and award type (i.e. certificate, associate, bachelors, masters or doctoral) or, by major/program/concentration and then distance from a specific zip code.
  • Course Equivalencies – Determine which courses transfer between two different schools.
  • Transfer Agreements – Find a list of transfer agreements between two schools. Refine your search to a specific program such as accounting.