Apprenticeships and Workforce Development Programs for Employers

photo of student welding a pipeAbout the Programs

Registered apprenticeships are customized to each employer’s needs and specifications. It is not a one size fits all training program but rather the employer’s training program. Apprenticeships can be developed for all industries.

  • The length of a Registered Apprenticeship program can vary depending on the employer, complexity of the occupation, industry and the type of program.
  • Programs are generally structured with a combination of On the Job Training Hours and supplemental related classroom instruction.
    • The credentials an apprentice earns while enrolled in a registered apprentice are portable and nationally recognized within their industry.

LCCC provides

  • Related classroom instruction to complement the on the job training that each apprentice receives through their sponsor employer
  • Grant writing and management for registered apprenticeship

For more information on developing your own registered apprenticeship program, contact:

Michael Broad,
State Director,
Office of Apprenticeship at the US Department of Labor

Additional resource:  Department of Labor

Current Registered Apprenticeship Instruction

HVAC and Plumbing

  • LCCC utilizes course curriculum developed by the National Center for Construction Education & Research (NCCER) 
  • Related instruction for these industries is currently four years in length with a progression of skills and knowledge. The apprenticeship culminates in the apprentice sitting for the ICC National Standard exam following the completion of their fourth year of related instruction and completed On the Job Training Hours.
    • HVAC and Plumbing Adjunct instructing staff are Journeymen or Masters in their industries
    • Credentials gained by apprentices are completely portable and theirs for life

Grant Funding through the State of Wyoming

Wyoming offers a variety of training grants and funding sources to assist business with training and building their workforce.

  • Contact the Business Training and Support Unit for a complete list of funding opportunities and Industries at 307.777.8534 or

Get Started with Your Own Registered Apprenticeship

Learn about Funding Opportunities:
Contact Department of Workforce Services
Ivy Moore

Build Your Apprenticeship:
Contact Office of Apprenticeship
Michael Broad

Implement Your Related Instruction:
Contact the School of Outreach and Workforce Development              Christie Goertel 

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