Host Family Volunteer Program

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The LCCC Host Family Volunteer Program is designed to connect LCCC students to members of the community.

It is not a live-in program, but rather an opportunity for students to engage with people in the community as well as to have a resource for questions and support. The LCCC Host Family Program is open to all students.

Student Enrollment Agreement and Program Rules

Host Family Attestation Agreement 


  • We want to provide LCCC students a home away from home. LCCC feels it is important to help our students become adjusted to the Cheyenne area by introducing them to a family that they can connect with over the course of the year.

  • We also want families in Cheyenne to meet our students who are from all over the United States as well as internationally. Sharing your family with others from different cultures can be a rewarding experience.

How the Program Works

Each family and student get to decide on their level of commitment. The main expectation is that each family keeps an open line of communication with their student. 

What it could look like:

  • Student joins the host family at their home for a meal.
  • Student watches a movie with the host family.
  • Student joins the host family for their children's activities or community functions.
  • Student and host family go to an LCCC athletic competition together.
  • Student is offered a quiet place to study in the host family's home.
  • Student might be offered the opportunity to use the host family's washing machine for laundry.
  • Host family can provide information on local resources like doctors, dentists, car repair businesses, etc.
  • Host family checks in with student once a week via phone call or text.

LCCC Host Families working with Student Athletes

For LCCC's student athletes to participate in the Host Family Volunteer Program, the College complies with rules and bylaws enacted by the National Junior College Athletic Association (NJCAA). The College's Host Family Program is administered by the institution with no direct affiliation to the Athletic Department and Athletic Department staff plays no part in the arrangement of host families. Additionally, Athletic Department personnel may not serve as a Host Family volunteer.

For students to remain eligible in the NJCAA, NCAA, and NAIA systems, they must be considered amateur athletes. When student-athletes are given benefits or gifts from outside entities, their amateur status can be put in jeopardy. For this reason, there are certain actions that ARE NOT PERMISSIBLE if you are a host family for one of our student athletes. 

These actions include:

  • No financial, fiduciary, or monetary transactions may transpire between a volunteer host family volunteer and a student-athlete. This includes, but is not limited to: loans, co-signing of loans or leases, long distance telephone calls and provision of tickets.
  • A Host Family Volunteer must not take student-athlete on trips involving excessive mileage and/or expense.
  • A Host Family Volunteer may not provide tickets or gifts of any kind.