Is there a separate application process for the associate degree in nursing program?

Yes. You must be admitted to LCCC and then complete a Nursing Program Application. There is a separate application process for students seeking the Advanced Placement option.

Are there prerequisite classes that I must take before I can apply?

Yes. The prerequisites are completion of STRT 1000 - Strategies for Success, MATH 1400 - College Algebra, ENGL 1010 - Freshman English Composition I, ZOO 2010 - Human Anatomy and Physiology I or ZOO 2015 Human Anatomy, as well as a 2.5 cumulative GPA in all of the completed courses listed in the nursing curriculum and a passing score on the current entrance exam.

Are there jobs available after graduation? What are the current nursing salary levels?

Employment of nurses is expected to continue to increase.  Visit the LCCC Career Services for assistance in finding current job and salary information for registered nurses.

Are graduates required to pass a licensure exam?

Yes. In order to work as an LPN or RN in the United States you must pass the equivalent National Council Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN or NCLEX-RN).  You must also apply to the state board of nursing in the state in which you wish to become licensed.

Is there a time limit on the general education courses?

No. For the nursing program, there aren't any time limitations on prior course work.

Can prerequisites be completed at a school other than LCCC?

Yes. In general, LCCC accepts general education transfer credits from regionally accredited institutions that were passed with a grade of C or higher and that are lower-division courses.  Part of the admission process to LCCC includes submitting official transcripts from other institutions you’ve attended. Those transcripts are received and evaluated by the Student Records Office and Student Success Coaches. Once transcript evaluation is completed, students may work with their assigned Student Success Coach to discuss what transferred and what prerequisites still need to be completed. Please note: Transcript evaluation can take up to eight weeks during peak times; please plan accordingly.

How do I apply to the college?

Submit a college admission application to LCCC if you have not taken courses here before or a readmission application if you have not taken courses in the past semester, and then follow the enrollment steps outlined after submitting your application. It's the student's responsibility to request official high school and all college transcripts be sent to the admissions office. Learn more about the Admissions application process

When and how can I apply for admission to the associate degree in nursing program?

The nursing program has two application periods. For January admission, the application period is July 1 - July 26. For August admission, the application period is February 1 - February 28. Current application information is available on the Apply to the Program Tab. Applications are now submitted electronically through the Apply to the Program web page. The application will not be visible on this page until the application period is open.  

How many times can I apply?

There is no limits on the number of times a student can apply to the nursing program. 

How many students are accepted?

The application committee reviews and determines the selection of the next incoming class. The number of students admitted to the nursing program varies according to a variety of factors and may range between 32 and 40. An average of 10-15 applicants may be selected as alternate candidates. 

Do you accept transfer credits from any other college?

LCCC accepts in transfer: lower-division, college-level credits, completed with a grade of C or higher, at regionally-accredited institutions. Usually accreditation information can be found on the website of the institution you attended. You can also verify an institution’s regional accreditation status through the North American Higher Learning Commission

Do you accept transfer credits from international schools?

Yes. You need to submit a translated copy of your transcript (depending on the country in which you took courses) to the Student Records Office. Credits are much harder to translate from international transcripts so please be aware that often fewer credits transfer than you might assume. You may still be required to submit to placement testing for LCCC courses. Visit the international student admission's Web page for more information.

I took my Math/Anatomy & Physiology class(es) ‘X’ number of years ago – will it still count?

Yes. Currently, there are no time limitations on any of the LCCC nursing program prerequisite/general education courses.

I took statistics/Problem Solving/Math for Health Care Providers. Will that fulfill the math requirement?

No. The math required for the nursing program is College Algebra. Non-algebra based or lower math courses will not fulfill this requirement. 

I will be enrolled in my math course during the summer term. Am I eligible to apply for the nursing program in Feb. to start in Aug.?

Yes, however, you must successfully complete the course prior to the start of the program or you will lose your seat and it wil be offered to an Alternate Candidate. 

If I am taking courses during the summer semester, will they count for the July application period? 

It depends. If you are taking courses at LCCC, the grades will be reported in time for the July enrollment period.  If you are taking courses from another institution, transcripts showing completion of the summer courses must be received by August 1 in order to be considered for acceptance for the January start.   

I took Human Anatomy at another college and it transferred in. What do I need to do to complete my Anatomy & Physiology sequence?

If you take Human Anatomy, you must complete the sequence with Human Physiology. If you take A&P I, you must complete the sequence with A&P II. Taking one course from each sequence will not fulfill the requirement.

Is the nursing program available in Laramie (Albany County)?

No. The nursing program is on the main Cheyenne campus only. General education courses may be completed at the Albany County Campus but the nursing program courses are only in Cheyenne.

My Anatomy & Physiology courses were 100- or 1000-level courses. Will those count?

Most likely, no. A&P courses typically need to be at the 200- or 2000-level to go to the depth of information required for the program. Official transcript evaluation is completed by the Student Records Office, and that office will make the determination if the courses are equivalent.

My A&P courses were 300/3000 or 400/4000 level courses. Will those count?

Probably. However, upper-division courses are not transferred in during transcript evaluation. You will need to work with your advisor in the Advising Center on completing an Upper Division Credit Acceptance Request Form to submit to the Student Records Office for consideration of these credits.

I completed General Microbiology at my transfer institution. Will that count for Medical Microbiology?

Yes. General Microbiology will be accepted as part of the transfer credit for the Nursing Program.

Does a C- really count as “failing” a course and I don’t get the bonus points?

Yes.  A C- is (typically) less than 2.0 grade point, meaning it does not count as a passing grade and those courses will count as failed attempts, and will not transfer to LCCC.

Do I need to count 2nd attempt on a failed course in one category such as Wyoming Government and took a History course to replace it?

Yes. For example, getting a D in Wyoming Government and then taking History and earning a B – while the B in History will be accepted, the D in Wyoming Government counts as a first attempt to pass this category.  

Will you accept either Interpersonal Communication or Public Speaking?

No. As of the Academic Year 2016-2017 only Public Speaking will be accepted. This will more easily align with the BSN Program at the University of Wyoming.

I took a course called Principles of Communication at my transfer institution. Will that count?

In most cases, no. Principles of Communication and similar courses do not have the same focus as our Public Speaking course.  Course equivalencies are determined during official transcript evaluation by our Student Records Office.

I have a previous degree so my advisor told me I don’t need to take a communication/English course, but I didn’t take one that’s equivalent for my degree so I have no grade to use on the application. What do I do?

It is true that if you have a previously completed AA, AS, BA or BS degree from a regionally-accredited institution, you do not need to do any of the LCCC General Education courses (English Composition, US History/Government, Public Speaking), with the exception of Wyoming Government (POLS 1100). However, if the nursing program cannot verify equivalent courses and grades on your transcript, you will only receive equivalent of a “C” for the GPA calculation on the courses requried for the nursing program.

Additionally, you will need to complete or prove completion of equivalent courses for program-specified general education courses: General Psychology, College Algebra, Human Anatomy, Human Physiology and Medical Microbiology. These courses are not exempted by having a previous degree completed.

I took a CLEP test for (English/Psychology/History/etc.). How do I calculate my points for that?

CLEP/Credit by Exam credits are evaluated using the AP, IB, and CLEP Score Crosswalk chart You must make sure that you submit a transcript from CLEP (or other exam organization, i.e., AP, etc.) to the LCCC Student Records Office so that credit for the course may be awarded prior to program application. Once credit has been awarded, the course will show up on your LCCC transcript, which you then need to submit a copy with your program application.

Can you explain this whole Wyoming Government thing?

Wyoming mandates that students meet the state statutory requirement for instruction in the constitutions of the United States and Wyoming by completing one of the following:

  • POLS 1000 – American & Wyoming Government
  • HIST 1211 – US to 1865
  • HIST 1221 – US from 1865
  • HIST 1251 – Wyoming History
  • ECON 1200 – Economics, Law, and Government

This is a degree requirement for all degrees from LCCC (and all other statewide higher education institutions). Students who have completed a comparable US history or government course at an out-of-state institution do not need to take one of the 3-credit courses listed above. Instead, these students may choose to complete the 1-credit POLS 1100 – Wyoming Government component that, combined with their transferred US History/Government, will fulfill the state statutory requirement. POLS 1100 is offered online during every semester, summers included.

I took a Western Civilization/Ancient Civilization/US Military History/etc. course. Will that count as the required history course?

No. To meet the requirement, the course must be either US History or US Government.

I have completed the U.S. History course at an out-of-state school and earned an A, but haven’t completed the POLS 1100 course yet. Do I get the 12 points for the A on my application?

No. Until the history/government requirement is fulfilled in its entirety (i.e., completing both the US History and Wyoming Government), no points are awarded for this requirement. Once the Wyoming State Statute is met, points will be awarded for your completed 3-credit hour history/government course.

Is there a waitlist for the program?

No. Each semester, 32-40 students are accepted, and an alternate list of 10-15 students is selected. If any of the accepted students decline their offer, an alternate is given the opportunity to take their spot. If students are not accepted into the program, even if they were on the alternate list, they must reapply during the following application period to be reconsidered for the program. 

Do I have to take the TEAS before I apply to the program?

Yes. The required passing score must be at or above the national mean for both the overall score and the reading score achieved on the same test.  

If I have taken another nursing entrance exam elsewhere, do I still need to take the TEAS Test?

Yes, you must take and pass the TEAS Test.

Can the TEAS Test be completed somewhere beside the LCCC Main Campus?

Contact the LCCC Exam Lab

Are the associate degree in nursing program courses transferable to another college or university?

All LCCC RN courses DO transfer to the University of Wyoming as part of the ReNEW RN-BSN Program. As a point of completion, other institutions accept RN Licensure with some restrictions. If you are interested in this option, you must contact the institution you plan to transfer to. LCCC does not accept nursing courses from other programs. 

Is there a way to obtain an RN to BSN degree?

Absolutely! When you enroll into LCCC's Nursing Program, you also are automatically enrolled into the ReNEW Curriculum at the University of Wyoming. You only need to apply to the University of Wyoming to seamlessly continue your Bachelor's degree in Nursing.  

Do I need to complete any health forms?

Yes. Once you are admitted to the program there is a physical form to be completed with the student’s health care provider. This form does not need to be submitted with the program application. There is also an immunization process. See below for more details. Students are responsible for knowing and being able to perform all of the Essential Functions of a Nurse.

What are the immunization requirements?

Immunizations do not need to be completed by the time that the student applies to the program, but it is highly recommended that vaccination series be started ahead of program admission, as some vaccination series can take several months to complete.

Immunizations required are:

  • Hepatitis B
  • Rubella/Rubeola/Mumps (MMR)
  • Varicella (Chicken Pox) 
  • PPD (Tuberculosis/TB Test) – Following Acceptance, a Two-Step Test is required
  • Tetanus (within past 10 years) 
  • Flu (Based on clinical partner requirements as directed by the Nursing Program Office)
  • Covid-19 (Based on clinical partner requirements as directed by the Nursing Program Office)

Students can furnish immunization records indicating completion of these immunizations. If immunization records cannot be located, students may also have a titer drawn and tested by their health care provider (at the student’s expense) to verify immunity. Students who have not received these vaccinations should begin the process of completing them prior to program admission.

If students have had two titers drawn for these immunizations and they are still not immune, then students are exempt from any further attempts to become immune. Students should keep all copies of their immunizations for their records. Any student found out of compliance with these responsibilities will be sent home from clinical and may be dismissed from the program.

I just renewed my CPR certification/I have a current CPR certification. Does that work for the program or do I need to renew again?

Upon acceptance to the program, all students will be required to obtain or renew their American Heart Association CPR/Basic Life Support for Health Care Providers certification close to the program start date, so that it is valid for the entire two years of the program. Certifications that will expire during the course of the student’s four semesters, even if it is one month prior to graduation, will not be accepted. This is to keep in compliance with clinical site requirements and is adhered to strictly.


Do I need a criminal background check?

Yes. A criminal background check through our vendor is required prior to beginning the nursing program. Applicants who have been convicted of a felony, treated for mental illness or substance abuse should refer to the Wyoming State Board of Nursing background check information sheet. Our college will provide education for those who meet our program objectives and have an acceptable criminal background, but the Wyoming State Board of Nursing must protect the public and can deny licensure regardless of our program's or the facility's criminal background check. Any student who cannot pass the background check will not be eligible to attend clinical, and therefore, will be dismissed from the program.

I just had a background check done for work – do I need to do another one for the program?

Yes. All students who are offered acceptance into the nursing program must submit a new background check after the program acceptance offer, through the vendor specified by the nursing program. Previous background checks will not be accepted, no matter how recently they may have been done.

Can I choose where and when I do my clinical rotation?

No. Nursing faculty will select your clinical site and shift. Clinical experiences can be scheduled as early as 6 a.m. or as late as midnight, and may include weekends. The student is required to participate in the clinical experience as it is scheduled. Students are expected to commute to clinical sites including  locations outside of the Cheyenne area. All students should be prepared to travel approximately 60 miles from Cheyenne for the clinical experience. Preceptorship clinical sites may extend beyond this radius, but will be discussed and determined with the individual prior to any rotation.  It is the student's responsibility to provide transportation to clinical sites. 

Can I directly contact the facility(ies) where I may be scheduled for clinicals?  

No.  All questions regarding clinical facility(ies) need to be directed to the Nursing Program Director.  We will relay any pertinent information regarding our clinical partners policies and procededures that directly affect students. 

Are there jobs available after graduation? What are the current nursing salary levels?

This is a perfect time to be thinking about becoming a nurse. Satisfying pay, exciting job growth and an incredibly in-demand roles await. Between 2020-2030, approximately y 2022, the , additional nurses will be needed.  This represents an increas of 9% in the market, which is more than any other healthcare profession.  

Industry Outlook

A career in nursing is very satisfying and varied. Median pay for nurses is over $80,000 per year and job growth is an impressive 19% a year, far faster than average. According to Gallup Polls, nurses are regularly rated as the most honest and trustworthy professionals. This is due to the amount of time nurses spend in direct contact with patients and families.

Nursing is a 24/7 career with great flexibility. As a nurse, you will be able to pick a schedule that fits your lifestyle, career goals and family by working part time, full time, nights, and/or weekends. The aging population, ever changing technology and multitude of options make nursing a fulfilling and secure career. Nurses have great opportunities for promotion or transferring to locations all around the world. The Nursing shortage ensures that you will have a rewarding career and future with unlimited opportunities.

Career Opportunities

  • Hospital Nurses
  • Office Nurses
  • Long Term Care Nurses
  • Home Health Nurses
  • Public Health Nurses
  • Occupational Health Nurses
  • Head Nurse/Nurse Supervisor
  • Nurse Practitioners
  • Nurse Midwives
  • School Nurses
  • Travel Nurses


Are graduates required to pass a licensure exam?

Yes. To work as an LPN or RN in the United States you must pass the equivalent National Licensure Examination (NCLEX-PN or NCLEX-RN). You must also apply to the state board of nursing in the state in which you wish to become licensed.

Do I need to take the TEAS test for the LPN Advanced Placement application?

No. For the LPN Advanced Placement, either proof of passing a PN predictor test or verification of licensure within the last year is required. Please see the Advanced Placement page or the Exam Lab page for more information.

I already have a prior degree, is there any way to accelerate the program?

If you have a previous nursing degree/certificate, such as an LPN: please see the Advanced Placement page for more information.

If you have a previous degree in something other than nursing: You may have many general education courses completed.  As long as you have a grade of "C" or better, you will not have to retake them. However, the nursing theory courses must be taken concurrently with the nursing clinical course, and all nursing courses must be taken in sequence.   Please see the curriculum page for information the general education requirements for the program. 


Is the associate degree in nursing program accredited?

Yes. This program is accredited by the Accrediting Commission for Education in Nursing (ACEN) and approved by the Wyoming State Board of Nursing (WSBN). In addition, LCCC is accredited by the Higher Learning Commission of the North Central Association of Colleges and Schools.

Is the program an LPN program or an RN program?

The LCCC nursing program is an Associate Degree - Nursing (RN) to a Bachelors of Science in Nursing (BSN) degree completion program. 

 Is there a student advisor?

Yes, all degree-seeking students are assigned to a Success Coach within Enrollment Services.  Contact a Student Success Coach at 307.778.1212 for more information. Once students are accepted into the nursing program, they work with a team in the nursing department.  

Is the associate degree in nursing program a day or evening program?

The nursing theory courses meet during the day. In addition, there are generally two clinical days a week that are day, evening or weekend hours.  Once students are in the program, they can expect to have class or clinical four to five days/week.  

Can I work during the program?

No, it is not recommended. Due to the demands of the full-time nursing program, student employment should be approached with caution. This personal decision should be based on individual performance in the classroom, clinical areas and personal health. The nursing faculty wants students to be successful, and not compromise essential learning. Students will not be excused from class or clinical assignments for personal or work schedules. Classroom attendance is expected and accountability for knowledge and assignments is the student's responsibility. Find alternative sources of funding through the college's Scholarship & Financial Aid Office.

What is the cost of the program?

LCCC's current tuition & fees is based on the student’s residency. Nursing courses total 10 credit hours each semester plus any general education or concurrent courses toward the BSN degree still needed.

In addition, there is a $500 clinical course fee each semester. These fees help to cover supplies used during simulations, such as IV tubing.

There are also some associated costs for students in the program. Students are responsible for paying for:

  • A criminal background check, initial drug screening and random drug screening upon admittance to the program ($217)
  • Physical exam/immunizations/titers (varies)
  • Equipment such as a stethoscope, scissors, watch with a second hand (cell phone use for this is not permitted) ($75)
  • Uniforms (Specific to the nursing program) (Approximately $200 with shoes)
  • Textbooks (up to $1,200)
  • E-Learning/Testing Platform ATI ($650 per semester)
  • NCLEX Licensure fees ($200)
  • Wyoming State Board of Nursing Licensure Fees (or other state licensure fees) ($190)

Prices given are approximate and will vary

Are financial aid or scholarships available for the program?

Yes. Learn more through the Scholarship & Financial Aid Office.