Practical Nursing Course Sequence

Prerequisite courses and proof of Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA) must be completed for admission into the Practical Nursing Program. 

Prerequisite Classes 

Course Requirements

ENGL 1010 English Composition I Credits: 3
MATH 1400 College Algebra Credits: 3
STRT 1000 Strategies for Success Credits: 3
ZOO 2015 Human Anatomy Credits: 4

Semester Total: 13 Credits

*Proof of Certified Nurse Assistant (CNA)

First Semester 

Course Requirements

NRST 1520 Practical Nursing Foundations –Health Promotion Credits: 10 

ZOO 2025 Human Physiology Credits: 4

Semester Total: 14 Credits

Second Semester  

Course Requirements

NRST 1530 Advanced Practical Nursing - Chronic Illness Management across the LifeSpan Credits: 10

COMM 2010 Public Speaking Credits: 3

Semester Total: 14 Credits

Third Semester

Course Requirements

NRST 1895 Practical Nursing Capstone Credits: 5 

Complete an approved US/Wyoming Constitution course Credits: 3

Semester Total: 8 Credits

Program Credit Hour Total: 48 Credits