Can I use a Hathaway Scholarship at an out-of-state school?
No. The intent of the scholarship is, in part, to encourage students to pursue higher education in Wyoming with hopes that they will consider pursuing a career here when they are completed.
While the Hathaway Scholarship isn’t available to use out of state, students who attend an out-of-state school may come back within the four-year time period to an in-state eligible institution and begin using their scholarship.
What if I am going on a mission or joining the military?
The Hathaway Scholarship can begin to be used no later than four academic years after you graduate from high school. Exceptions may be made for extended military service or religious sojourns. Please contact us at 307.778.1265 to discuss your situation.

I qualify, but am going to attend another institution and transfer to LCCC. How does the process work?
Students who receive a Hathaway Scholarship, use it at another eligible Wyoming institution, then transfer to LCCC will transfer their scholarship with them, subject to the continued eligibility requirements previously discussed. Transferring students also need to complete the LCCC Hathaway Application (pdf) prior to their arrival.
Can I be classified as a Wyoming resident so I can get a Hathaway Scholarship?
To qualify for the Hathaway Scholarship you must be considered a resident or eligible nonresident according to the LCCC residency policy. Additional residency requirements for the Hathaway Scholarship may apply. If you have questions about residency, please call the Student Hub at 307.778.1265.
I have a special situation and that this website doesn't address. What can I do?
Call the Student Hub at 307.778.1265. We're happy to help!

Where’s the incentive to take AP, IB and other honors courses?
Challenging course loads are looked upon favorably for scholarships. In addition to Hathaway Scholarships, LCCC scholarships can be awarded to students who qualify.

Doing well in AP and IB courses can also result in credit at LCCC. This means that you’ll have fewer credits to pay for down the road and your Hathaway Scholarship dollars will go farther. 

Why should I use my Hathaway Scholarship at LCCC?
Laramie County Community College offers a great college experience at an affordable price. LCCC offers nearly 50 programs for transfer to a four-year college as well as more than 40 programs designed to get you on a fast track to a great job. With residence halls, campus activities and nearly 40 clubs and teams, we offer great opportunities to meet people and have fun on campus. LCCC is also committed to your success!

Our average class size of 20 assures you individual attention from experienced faculty and our support services provide you with free tutoring, great library resources and career planning resources. LCCC has also been named one of the top two digital community colleges in the nation by the center for Digital Information and the American Association of Community Colleges.
I graduated prior to 2006. Do I qualify for Hathaway Scholarships?
Sorry. The legislation that established the scholarships indicated the scholarship begins with the graduating class of 2006. Students who completed high school in December 2005 are officially part of the class of 2006.