Crime Reporting & Logs

It is the campus community’s obligation and duty to report all emergencies and crimes that occur at the Laramie County Community College campus. Please contact us to make a report.
You may also call 9-911 from any phone on campus, which will take you directly to the 911 communication center.
Serious criminal actions and emergencies on campus should be reported directly to the Laramie County Sheriff's Department by calling 911 and to Campus Safety & Security.

Annual Security Reports

Campus Safety Incident Logs

The Campus Safety Office prepares incident reports on reported crimes and all other incidents on campus. This Campus Incident Log (PDF) lists all Cleary related security information for each month.

The public may also see printed versions of the incident logs in the following offices: 
  • Outside of BT Lobby
  • Clay Pathfinder First Floor Lobby Bulletin Board
  • Ludden Library

Response to Incidents

In response to incidents on campus, a Campus Safety officer will complete an incident report form. As circumstances dictate, the Campus Safety officer will take action necessary to handle the incident. With a more serious incident, the officer will stabilize the scene; call for assistance if needed, gather information; call the Laramie County Sheriff's Department to help investigate and notify the appropriate college officials.
The Director of Campus Safety reviews all reports received by Campus Safety and determines if individuals involved need follow-up assistance. Completed incident reports involving students are forwarded to the Vice President of Student Services who, in conjunction with the Dean of Student Life, determine if any additional investigative and or disciplinary actions need to be taken by the college or local law enforcement agencies. The President of the college receives incident reports at all times.
Incident reports are forwarded to the Vice President of Business Services for appropriate action.